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Crispy Bacon

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 PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:54 pm Reply with quote        
June 3

To say Ada was delirious was a massive understatement.

It was around 3 AM when her eyes shot wide open - much to the surprise and horror of the Apollo kid on night duty.
"Where's Fuzzy?" She demanded. The healer instantly became flustered, his face turning a bright red visible in the stark darkness.
"I-I'm sorry? F-Fuzzy? I'm afraid I d-don't know who that is." Ada wrinkled her nose at his stammering.

"Whassa' matter?" He winced at how loudly she spoke and raised his hands timidly in a feeble attempt to quiet her down. "Do ya find me scary?" She asked bluntly, staring at him with narrowed eyes. "I'm not scary!" She stated matter-of-factly and raised her index finger to point at him semi-threateningly, listing dangerously to the side. The Apollo kid shrank back a bit and nodded along, deciding not to speak and to instead try and appease her.

"Anyway, Fuzzy" She pronounced the word carefully. "Is an abominable goat man! I need to find him. He's gonna steal the dummy from me. Or call social services. He doesn't understand, nope. That dummy and I have something special, y'know?" He nodded again and Ada nodded along with him, pleased that he agreed.

She then sat there serenely for a moment before swinging her legs over the side of the bunk and attempting to stand up. The healer rushed forward to stop her but she shot him an indignant look. "No, I need to find Fuzzy." She said firmly. She strode purposefully for the door and fell flat on her face halfway there, out cold again.

It wasn't until 7 AM, when the sun rose again, that Ada woke up for good. Although her state of mind was relatively stable, she was still wondering about some things. For one, how she had gotten to the infirmary, as well as why there was a blonde boy in the corner looking at her fearfully. With no clear answer to these questions in sight, she did the natural thing - which was calling "HUDSOOOOOOON" as loud as she possibly could.

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 PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:25 pm Reply with quote        
After the spiraling moment of events last night, Hudson was just left waking up to a memory of what had happened on the night before. He had delivered crazy demigod children back to their cabins, and had delivered crazy demigod children into the infirmary. But this was just one of those unique sort of cases, really. After all, nights don't usually end with you having to carry a 6 ft tall girl on your back whilst trying to get her away from harpies with the munchies.

Hudson decided the best and went over to visit her around 7 AM, after eating his delicious breakfast of stale bread and a cup of coffee. He had hoped that she at least didn't get a concussion, since he had dropped her on the ground a few times over.
He went over to look over at each room, to see if his crazy dummy hating demigod friend was around, and hopefully okay. His search was stopped when he heard the screeching calls of his name from on of the rooms farther back. SOMEBODY CALLED FOR SUPER GOAT BOY? He idiotically thought to himself, relieved that his crazy dummy hating demigod friend was at least alright.
Well, he revised that thought when a boy quickly rushed out the room in a frantic pace. He ran over to Hudson and grabbed him by the shoulders, shaking him. "YOU'RE FUZZY- HUDSON, RIGHT?" He had a face full of shock and terror, while Hudson just looked over at him with a face full of confusion and questions.
"Oi! Calm it down a bit, alright?" Disliking the clinginess and the shaking, I just pushed him off of me and holding my cup of coffee close to me. "And yeah, I am Hudson, what's it to you?"
"I AIN'T DEALING WITH YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE, I'M DONE." He pushed him aside, almost knocking over his coffee and running out of the infirmary like he had finally climbed his way up to heaven to rejoice with the light. Hudson just looked at him like the boy needed to calm the hell down.

Hudson walked over casually but cautiously to his friend's room, sipping his cup of coffee and looking over at her state. He smiled at the fact that she had recuperated well from last night, but hoped that she was right in the head. The boy was just giving him second thoughts about coming in here. "Hey, you totally just freaked the hell out of that over there." He pointed it out, wanting to know what was going on.
Crispy Bacon

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 PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:56 pm Reply with quote        
It really was amazing how long she belt out one continuous note. Ada herself was extremely impressed with her lung capacity. She barely noticed when the Apollo kid bolted out of the room and instead focused on inhaling in preparation for the next bout of hollering. She was just about to start on the H but it died in her throat as the goat man himself strolled into her secluded room in the infirmary. "Wow, on the first try." She said, more to herself than to him.

"Good morning, Fuzzy, I hope you slept well." She smiled brightly. "Perfect timing. I'd like to know - oh my god is that coffee I love coffee you don't mind if I -" She was out of her bed in an instant and snatching the cup out of his hand. She took a gulp and immediately regretted it, thrusting the coffee cup away from herself back at Hudson and making a face. "God, you don't put any sugar or milk in your coffee?" The idea was unthinkable to Ada. Plain coffee tasted like ass (haha ass, and she was in the presence of a half-goat too), but with a little sugar and some cream, it was tolerable. Ada didn't particularly like the taste of coffee, but she had managed to get herself addicted to the caffeine, so she couldn't live without it.

Wiping at her mouth with the sleeve of her shirt, she looked down and was pleased to discover she had been left in her regular clothes rather than being changed into some ridiculous hospital garb. "Eh? The Apollo kid, you mean? Gah, I don't know what's wrong with him. Even my shrieking is beautiful, he just couldn't handle it, I'd guess." She raised and dropped her shoulders in a shrug before stretching out her arms. "Anyway, I'm all fine and dandy now." She furrowed her eyebrows. "Although, I'm kind of confused about some things. Like... how I got to the infirmary."

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 PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:46 pm Reply with quote        
"I always respond to a call of help if anyone needs it." He gave her a wink and a smirk, letting himself walk in to proceed with the conversation. It looked like she was in the brightest of moods, now that she had slept it off and returned safely into her domain. That was good, because this camp doesn't need anymore people passing out due to godly restrictions anytime soon.

"Yes, I slept perfectly fine, thank you- HEY!" In an instant moment, Ada had grabbed his cup of joe away from his hands. "I haven't even given you any consent, you nasty person." He watched as she gulped down at least half of the cup before immediately thrusting it back to his direction, spilling a bit of it on his sweater. "Hey you know, you could have just put it down on the table just to criticize me." He gave her a glare. Hudson preferred his coffee either way, but he'd put plenty of sugar in his cup if he wasn't so hesitant in staying at the mess hall for more than 20 minutes. He had to see if this girl he saved was actually okay.
Going back to the topic of the Apollo kid - observing her state of head and having a conversation with her for 7 minutes, he wasn't surprised that he had run out like that. The fainting must have knocked her out dead, making her wake up all crazed up. It was possible that if she stayed up around the domain of Nyx any longer, she might have had her conscious state in a garble.
"Well, that's good." He nods his head. "And you should be grateful you know, because I've risked my furry ass to save your dead ass from harpie soup." He leaned against the wall, giving her a stern guardian-like expression on his face.
Crispy Bacon

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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:49 pm Reply with quote        
Ada rolled her eyes. "Yes, we should all start calling you Super Satyr. It's a donkey - no, a sheep! No, it's... Hudson!" She paused. "No offense, but I don't think your name is going to cut it, it's kind of anticlimactic. We need something new, something indescribably epic. Like Galdalf or something. Gandalf the Goat Man - I think it has a nice ring to it." She prattled on happily as she walked back to the side of her bed and poured herself a glass of water to get the taste of black coffee out of her mouth. "Hey, we're friends. Kind of. Friends share. Sharing is caring." She beamed at him before draining the glass of water in one go. She was just finished swallowing when she processed what Hudson said. "You saved me?" Her face was straight for a full minute before the visuals came to her brain and she entered a coughing fit. The image of Hudson dragging her to the infirmary was just too good to be true, considering the fact that she was a good few inches taller than him.

"I... you carried me here?" She gasped, her face red from the choking and laughing. She stood there panting for a moment before she began to howl with laughter, probably having woken up anyone else who was staying in the infirmary at this point. After a few good minutes of unrestricted, hysterical laughter, she calmed herself - mostly due to the fact that her lungs needed air than because she felt the need to stop. "Okay, I'm sorry. Thank you." She grinned. "Now, in all honesty - how many times did you drop me?" Her eyes had an evil sort of glint to them, clearly showing that Hudson should not tell her the truth. Ada wielded razors like a professional, and she would guess that shaving a goat's legs couldn't be too different from what she was used to.

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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:57 pm Reply with quote        
"Ow, now that's just a feeling hurter, ain't it?" Hudson began to pout, obviously expressing his feelings of hurt. "For now on, when you call out for help, you shall address me as Super Goat Lad. And make sure you do the Super Goat Lad call as well - 'Oh SGL, you're so fair, you're so wise, please do me a solid and grace me with your graciousness!'" He clasped his hands together and begged up to the skies, totally expecting this to write it down in pen just in case she does need assistance again. He is positive that if he ever lets the information of his real first name out to her, she will piss her pants twice just laughing about it. He'll just keep it to himself for now, he has a reputation to uphold.
"Friends not letting their friend's coffee get spilt on their clothes is caring. You, my friend, are not a caring friend." He sighed as he placed it on her end table, going over to somewhere else just to get a paper towel to wipe out at least some of the stain.
He turned over as her tone of voice was lifted in surprise... up to the point that it turns into a downward spiral of full on laughter. "The hell is so funny? You could have been medium rare steak!" She continued to laugh at him nonetheless, and he just stood there glaring at her, confused but offended.
After a full good few minutes of utter humiliation, she finally caught her breath to speak more tangible words to him, words that can possibly harm a person for life.
"Oh, so that's why you've been having that mysterious laughing fit. He gave her a grumbly look, obviously not being as amused as she is right now. "I assure you, I do my job professionally well... even if I have dropped demigods once or twice before." He raised his head and pointed his nose up to another direction. "I don't deserve this kind of treatment from a damsel in distress!"
Crispy Bacon

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 PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:01 pm Reply with quote        
"SGL, you're so fair..?" She echoed, a questioning look on her face. "You've clearly given this some thought, Huddles. I hope you won't let the power go to your head. With great power comes great responsibility." Ada said entirely seriously. "Anyway, I don't expect that I'll need your help again any time soon, although I do appreciate what you did last night. I'm sure I'll be fine in the future." Of course, she had no control over what would happen in the future, but she was very determined to not let what happened last night happen again. For god's sake, she was 17 but she needed a bed time? Things really just were not fair. Maybe she could just wake up really early to compensate for the lack of a later curfew. Better yet, maybe she could train. If she got knocked out as soon as she stayed up past 11 o'clock, she surely had some sort of epic power related to the day, right? There had to be some sort of Greek god who maintained balance - she could find them someday and bully them into bullying her mom into blessing her with some sort of awesome power. There was always the possibility of her getting smote in the process, but the risky ventures were always so much more exciting than easy ones.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost missed Hudson calling her a damsel in distress. Fortunately, her radar ears had a tendency to hone in on the sound of anyone rejecting her status as an independent woman. "Excuse me?" Her face was stone cold. "What did you just call me?" She placed her hands on her hips and bared her teeth in a smile. "I'll have you know that I know more than 10 different ways to garrote someone.

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 PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:41 pm Reply with quote        
"Oh what kind of power do I possibly possess? After all, am I not a satyr who works minimum wage for this?" Hudson, exaggerating of course, breathed out an air of frustrated breath and rigidly jerked his head to the other direction. He turns around again just to make a little comment, "Oh and don't worry, you'll be needing my help soon. They always will." He put in a more serious tone. For demigods, danger was inevitable, and the satyrs are hired in camp to protect the demigods. Of course, there are some who are permitted a searcher's license to find Pan, due to exceeding bravery and what not. Hudson had been suggested to try for one for being a good enough keeper, but he would shake his head and decline. Demigods were more rewarding to find then a possible dead end.

But then, there are moments where he would prefer being a janitor then being a keeper. This might be considered one of those moments if it wasn't so damn amusing. "Don't worry, I'm sure you can handle yourself just fine. Maybe getting some proper shut eye would be nice as well, yeah?" He chuckled at her, shaking his head with the pure bliss of the moment and sipping more of his coffee.
He was enjoying the pure bliss of the moment until a surprise just happened to come into the room.
A kid barged into the room and began pulling someone in a stretcher inside the room, paired up with the same kid he happened to stumble by, running out of the same room he was in before.
"McIntyre, please don't try to do anything stupid like that ever again!" The girl who was pulling him in began to scold the injured man.
Hudson immediately spat all the coffee out of his mouth and turned over to watch them shock.
"The stupid asshole was wanting to get his fucking ass beat up. I wasn't just going to -COUGH- sit around and let him free like that." The injured boy on the stretcher responded back with ambition to hunt the stupid asshole down when he's done healing up.
"His father is Ares for crying out loud!" Again, she scolded him back with more of a reason.
"I don't give a shit if that guy was Ares himself! Nobody talks shit about me behind my back! I swear, I'm going to kick his jaw off!" The injured boy promptly raised his leg up, almost kicking the Apollo kid in the face. "AAHHH! P-please watch yourself, sir!"
The injured boy screamed in pain and immediately put his leg down.
Hudson just dropped his coffee on the floor and had his wide mouth open in shock, receiving a reaction from the others in front of him... and especially the injured boy.
"... Well, this is awkward." He put on a sheepish grin. "Hey babe... fancy meeting you here?"
Hudson just glared at him, like he would be willing to be a cause to another injury on his body.
Crispy Bacon

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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:23 pm Reply with quote        
Ada bit her tongue, not wanting to continue on the subject because Hudson had sort of saved her butt the other night. She continued to keep her mouth clamped shut as he laughed at her, giving him a sour look as he continued. She hopped up onto her bed and pulled her legs up on top of the covers to make room for the two people who had bustled into the room with a stretcher.

She silently groaned and rolled her eyes to herself as soon as the first words were out of his mouth. McIntyre. The name was familiar to her. Although she was new to camp, what time she had spent at time, was usually spent out in the commons areas and other public areas observing people. McIntyre was some arrogant, rude, delinquent guy. She wasn't too surprised to see that he had landed himself in the infirmary.

She continued her silent judging, giving the people who had interrupted the peace her premium evil eye. Her head snapped over to Hudson when he dropped his coffee cup and was just about to comment when McIntyre said something himself.

"Hey babe,"

She swore her jaw literally hit the floor. She quickly picked it up again and managed a weak, "Oh my god," followed by a bout of hysterical laughter. She grabbed her stomach and rolled over on the bed, only to discover there was no such space. Ending up on the floor, she stopped laughing and started in her effort to breathe. She managed to crawl to her knees and and plop her elbows and forearms on the bed. She seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the Apollo kids were staring at him, and shifted her eyes over to Hudson. "Oh my god, SGL, don't tell me - you and him?" She breathed. "Never would have thought your type is red-haired and obnoxious."

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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:13 pm Reply with quote        
If Hudson had the chance, he would have pretended to not even know him. He would have slipped the good old 'Sorry, I don't know you! You must be pretty delusional' kind of story. Chances are, nobody is probably going to believe him if he went with that and his boyfriend's ego would have been more hurt than it already is.

He just stood there in a brief moment of silence, trying to recoil the anger that was just boiling up inside of him.
Hudson hated it, he really hated it. The fact that Jay always has to get into a situation like this, being brutally injured for senseless reasons. Demigods are expected to be ready for duels and all, but Jay takes it to a whole entire level. He pisses people off just to get the challenges he wants, and Hudson wasn't going to stand there as he pushed himself and others like that.
But Hudson knew what Jay was all about, he has read his emotions before. He doesn't act reckless because he is the power, it's because he wants to prove himself in front of everyone. His peers, the monsters and his father and the gods above.

He just stood there and watched as Ada began to laugh at the top of her lungs, and even rolling off her bed due to the hilarity of the situation. Hudson didn't know whether to feel enraged, offended, or just plain humiliated.
Jay didn't enjoy her company one bit. "You better watch your mouth before I send you off your damn bed-" But his ridiculous threats were interrupted by his boyfriend, Hudson, himself. "Jacabo McIntyre, you better shut your damn mouth before I send you off the face of the entire planet." Hudson gave him his ultimate pissed off boyfriend stare down, silencing Jay almost immediately.

The Apollo siblings just stood there, feeling the atmosphere of the moment and staring at each other, gulping.
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:29 pm Reply with quote        
"Alright, Rhys, since you left before the official end of your shift, I'm going to leave you to it." The Apollo girl said, with a smile of pure white before she practically sprinted out of the room. Her brother's eyes shot wide open and he gaped after her. "W-wait, Tessa?!" He almost started to chase after her but looked back to the state that McIntyre was in and thought better of it. He silently filled a glass with nectar and stuck the straw in his mouth. Once the glass was drained, he melted into the corner, probably hoping that they would forget about him. Ada felt a brief sting of sympathy for the guy but that was quickly replaced by feelings of insult once he made a visible effort to avoid her eyes as soon as he noticed she was watching him.

Ada quietly climbed back on top of her bed and crossed one leg over the other. She drank from another glass of water herself and sank back against her lumpy pillows, resting her head contentedly against the nest she made by braiding her fingers together. "Actually, McDonald - or should I call you Wendy because of your flaming red hair? - I don't think you're in the position to make threats at this moment. Especially since your boyfriend seems kind of pissed with you, so you should prioritize dealing with that." She said breezily.

"SGL, I'm not judging you - actually, that's a lie, I am definitely judging you right now - but why? I mean, there are plenty of gingers in camp if you've got a thing for them, so why McIntyre?" She glanced at the redhead in question, her lips pressed firmly together in a look of disapproval.

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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:55 pm Reply with quote        
The Apollo girl took her chance and decided to just bolt out of there before anything was going to happen, and she made the right decision, because Hudson was just on the verge of summoning his angry spirits on this realm, ready to choke pretty much everyone in the room. But, especially Jacabo.
He was still glaring at him with his arms crossed, and Jacabo sipped his ginger ale flavored nectar in anxiety. When Hudson got pissed, then he knew he let the shit hit the fan.

Jacabo just didn't want anyone to interfere with him and his relationship problems. But the girl in the other bed was just there, not contributing to help this mess, but to mock him even further. He growled at her, showing to her just how irritated he was of the moment. "And you're in no damn position to talk damn lip at me!"
"Actually, she has a fucking point." Hudson told him straight to his face, being just as irritated as he was. "I am pissed as fuck right now and I think you should be acknowledging that." He leaned against the wall, somewhat violently tapping his hoof against the floor, like he was just about the puncture through it.

Rhys just stood there in the corner, afraid of getting in between all of this. Now he had two crazy people to deal with, and a raging boyfriend. How was he going to make it out alive after this?
Jacabo asked the same question when Hudson put the throw down on the table.

But it was as if Ada was just there, making fun of the entire situation. When she had delivered her question. Hudson just turned over to her and gave her a glare, but backed away eventually. Jerkass has a point, why did he choose McIntyre?
Why the boy who gets himself into brawls all the time? Why the boy who is so arrogant and brash about everything?
Why this particular red-headed teen? "Because somebody has to look after this manchild, after all." He closed his eyes and turned away, facing his direction to the door.
Jacabo on the other hand, wanted to terribly hold him in his arms. But he knew that he would have been pushed away and yelled at if he did; and even if he tried, his state of physical health would have hold him back otherwise. He just breathed out a heavy sigh and turned his head down, feeling completely ashamed of himself.
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:17 pm Reply with quote        
Ada went silent upon hearing Hudson's response, her face turning unusually sombre. "Maybe," She began, drawing in a sharp breath and wincing a bit at what she was about to say - even though she didn't mean it unkindly. "Maybe you should think about yourself and what you want, Hudson. You're a satyr, and you have responsibilities, I understand that, but not everyone is your responsibility. But you don't constantly need to be giving, you're going to get burned out." Her tone was the steady, serious tone that she usually reserved for special occasions. Honestly, she was in no place to speak, since she had known Hudson for less than 24 hours. She realized that, but she didn't let it stop her. She had a feeling that Hudson was the giving type and that he often neglected to think about what he wanted sometimes.

She avoided looking at McIntyre himself as she spoke, but she couldn't help but notice the Apollo boy's disapproving look in the corner of her eye. Well, what did he know, right? She was trying to help and she wasn't going to let anyone make her keep her opinions to herself - even if McIntyre was probably plotting her demise at the moment.
"I just don't think it's unfair for you to want something that'll make you happy once in a while, instead of someone else like usual. And I think you have a right to want something like that in a relationship because sacrifice in a relationship is your decision, not your duty."

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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:01 pm Reply with quote        
Hudson stood there silently, letting Ada's words sink into him at the moment. She had hit hard, straight to the point where no one seemed to understand, not even himself.
For a while now, being a superhero hasn't gotten him any sort of reward that he wanted. Hell, in fact, he hasn't been getting any sort of reward for what he does. Being a keeper for so long, maybe he hasn't realized that.
He should have known just how much work he puts to making them both happy.
He turned over to glance at this bedridden boyfriend. The look of shameful guilt in his eyes, having no words to speak at all... It bugged Hudson, it really did. Should he feel obliged to get angry at him at all? It was his childish personality, after all. Should he even consider trying to reassure him?
After all, as long as Jay is happy, he is happy, right?
Well, it was time to make a decision for himself.
"...You have a point."
He proceeded to walk out the door afterwards.

Jacabo was just left there, sitting on his bed and looking at the same doorway his boyfriend had exited. His expression had shown how much it hurts.
He was in absolute peril.
Turning around to face the girl in the opposite bed, he just couldn't take it anymore. He was put down, injured and possibly paralyzed, and to put salt in the wounds, his boyfriend could have just left him on the spot.
"What the fuck was that for?! Were you seriously trying to get me dumped?" He began breathing heavily under his breath, his expression turned quickly into one of a raging man.
Rhys tried to calm him down, putting his hands against his shoulder. "M-McIntyre, don't strain yourself. You're h-hurt, you need rest."
Jacabo smacked his hand away, and turning back at the girl to yell at her even more. "Maybe you should stay out of people's FUCKING BUSINESS!"
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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:49 am Reply with quote        
She watched Hudson walk out, not entirely sure what to think. On one hand, she was glad he listened to her. But on the other hand... On the other hand, she wondered if she knew what she was talking about at all, and in the back of her mind, she wondered if maybe, maybe she had just made some sort of terrible mistake. She turned to McIntyre as he started raging at her, her face blank like her mind. She considered agreeing with him, because at the moment, she just felt guilty and regretted what she had done. It was true, she was meddling. But at the same time, she felt she was justified in what she said to Hudson and her opinion of McIntyre was still the same after hearing what he had to say.

"Have you ever realized how selfish you are?" She asked spitefully. "God, Hudson just walked out of the room pissed, probably distressed too, and you're just thinking about how you're probably going to get dumped? Does anything I say get through your thick skull?" She berated, eyes flashing. She thought amusedly about the prospect of getting beat up as soon as McIntyre was well and able, but it would be well worth it if anything she said got through to him. "Have you ever thought about Hudson once? Always getting into fights, always being reckless and getting yourself hurt. You never think about how much he worries about you, do you? Do you have any idea what satyrs do? And what Hudson does in addition to the basic obligations of a Keeper? God, do you have any idea at all?" She continued relentlessly. She paused after her last sentence, before delivering the final blow.

"Have you ever once thought about what makes him happy?" She finished in an exhale. Rhys the Apollo kid, looked at her, surprised, but she was the one who avoided his eyes now. She knew she was right, but why did she feel so guilty? How could she sit there, judging and drawing conclusions about people she didn't even know? Wasn't that all she had ever done? Was it all she ever would do? In the end, how many things did she even change? She was all talk and no walk, after all. Who listened to someone who didn't know what they were talking about? Come to think about it, all her relationships in the past had been unsuccessful and short-lived, so what really was she talking about?

She heaved a sigh and buried her face in her hands. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? It obviously looks like I'm trying to get you dumped, but I think you and Hudson should think about what he wants sometimes, you know?" She mumbled. No matter what she said, the possibility that McIntyre would get dumped was very real, and it was her fault. She had added insult on top of his obvious injury, unable to stop herself from speaking what she thought. She felt like shit.
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