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Site Rules
  1. Spamming is not tolerated.
    --All posts must be on topic.And word emotes do not count as words. Excessive usage of symbols to create pictures also count as spam as this will cause extra currency to be granted.
  2. Double posting is allowed.
    --However, double posts must pertain to the topic at hand or else they will be considered spam.
    --And using a mule to post again after yourself counts as double posting.
  3. All content must be PG-13 and under.
    --No linking to sites which are above the PG-13 rating.
  4. You must be 13 or older to join.
    --If you are younger than 13 get your parents or guardians permission first. I cannot be held responsible for anyone under 13.
  5. Only 2 mules are allowed.
  6. Use quotes when posting something that you yourself did not write.
  7. Do not page stretch.
  8. All pictures posted in the forum must be 600x600 pixels or less.
  9. Signature images must be 500(width)x400(height) pixels or smaller, and less than 250kb in size.
  10. Off site trading is not allowed.
    --This includes selling Midorea's currency/items for real Money or another sites currency/items.
    --Anyone found breaking this rule will be permanently banned and I will pursue legal action against you.
    --If you do not understand why we have this rule, please refer to this thread.
  11. Do not advertise in the forums.
    --Keep all off site links in your signature and in URL form. Referall links are NOT allowed.
  12. Absolutely no URL-hacking.
    --URL hacking is when you change the url to try and gain access to restricted and/or currently unreleased parts of the site.
  13. Please do not create anymore 18+/R threads.
    --If you would like to participate in an 18+ chat go to the 'Official' 18+ lounge thread.
  14. Threads cannot be considered dead unless the thread creator has stated it as so.
  15. No bashing or harassing users, other sites, or anything in general.
  16. Profane words are allowed.
    --Just please don't use it excessively.
  17. Anyone caught abusing the battle system, or any system that grants silver will receive a temporary ADR ban and warning.
    --This also applies to other non-silver granting systems such as the avatar system.
Please report all rule-breakers to an Admin or Moderator.

If you fail to follow these rules, disciplinary action will be taken against your account.


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