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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:38 am Reply with quote        
Welcome to the help center and New Member Guides!

Admins/mods, feel free edit/add/change anything.

List of content/
1. Using the Battle system (guide)
2. Currency
3. Items
4. Other (+FAQ)

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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:39 am Reply with quote        
Guide to Using the Battle system

Make sure to read the Battle System FAQ.

Creating your Character
First thing you'll want to do is create a name for your Character. It can be your username, or something totally different!
Next you can enter a Biography, or you can leave it blank.

Now onto the Characteristics!

1. Select your race. Sometimes races are limited to certain user groups, such as admin or moderator.
2. Choose an element! Make sure to pick wisely, because certain elements can effect how well you battle monsters. (or members)
3. Select an alignment. Certain weapons can only be used by a specific alignment, but it does not affect how you battle.
4. Stats. These are the most important since they will decide what class you will be and how well you will fight.
Click reroll until the stats are to your liking, then press continue.

You will then come to a screen with a list of classes. Some classes will not be available if you do not reach a certain stat requirement.
Make sure you choose a class that reflect how you wish to battle.

Okay, where did it go?!? D:
Okay, so for those of you who battle and use weapons, spells, and potions; when ANY of those items get to 1/? duration it WILL disappear from your battle drop down menus. For spells and potions, it means it is no longer usable. But for weapons, it means that you'll need to repair the weapons to get it back up to full duration. :3 Armor however will break and disappear from your inventory when it's duration has been used, so be sure to not forget to repair it often.

How to Battle
    1. Go to the shops and buy a weapon. It will greatly help you in battle rather than just using your bare fists.
    2. While in the shops, you can also choose whether or not to buy armour, shield, or a helm for extra defence.
    3. You can also choose to buy spells to use in battle as well.
    4. There are also potions available for you to buy. Potions can come in handy as they can help heal your injuries while in battle.

  1. Now that you have some equipment; it's time to battle!
  2. If you bought armour, then go to the my character tab at the top of the page and select equipment. Then on the page that comes up, select the equipment you want to pre-equip for your battles. This is an optional step.
  3. Next, the top of the page; under the explore tab, select battle. On the screen it takes you to... if you have already selected your equipment, click begin battle to start your battle. If you haven't selected your equipment, and wish to do so... do it, then click begin battle.
  4. Now you are in a battle, and in doing so, there are five options you can select to do:
    1. Attack: Here you can select a weapon [from the drop down menu] that you have bought, to use and attack your opponent. Or you may also use your bare fists. To use a weapon or bare fist, just select the "attack" button.
    2. Use Magic Item: Here is where you can use spells that you have bought! Simply select a spell from the drop down menu to and click "use magic item".
    3. Use a Potion: If you bought some potions, they will appear here. If you wish to use one, simple select which one from the drop down menu and click "use a potion".
    4. Defend: You can also defend against your opponent if you wish, just by clicking the "defend button".
    5. Flee: And, last but not least you can also flee if you don't want a defeat on your battle record by clicking the "flee" button. However, sometimes you won't be able to flee on some tries, and also, it will give you a flee on your battle record if you're successful at fleeing.

  5. Now, you will battle a monster. If you win, you will earn experience towards leveling up and silver along with that. But if you lose, then you will need to go to the temple [which is also located under the explore tab] to resurrect yourself.


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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:40 am Reply with quote        
The Currencies of Midorea

Currency Types:

This is the main currency of Midorea and can be earned by posting or battling Monsters in the Battle System.

A special currency you can use to purchase items from the Temple of Gold. Gold can only be obtained by 'donating' to the site

Copper is the secondary currency of Midorea, it is created to keep from trying to earn extra silver from certain forums and subforums.
It can be earned by posting in the Fun 'n' Games subforum or Storybook subforum or Music & Lyrics subforum. It can also be converted into silver.

Exchanging Currency's
5 Copper can be exchanged for 1 silver.
Silver and gold cannot be exchanged for any other currency.

You can exchange your cash here.

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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:41 am Reply with quote        

Items and shops and inventory's, oh my!

Basic item information and what it means!

Item Element
The element of the item. Certain elements can do more damage to monsters than others.
Amount of power in an item. The higher the power the more damage you can do to monsters.
Additional Power Modifier
This value will be added to the items original power value.
Additional MP Cost
Will remove an additional amount of MP from a user when using the item in question.
The amount of of times you can battle with a weapon until it breaks.


Black Market Imports
NPC: Charles Samuel Lojack
Closet Boutique
NPC:Miu Suten Himé
Magicks and Novelties
NPC:Méabh Ahti Zoraida
Snips Salon
NPC: none atm
Temple of Gold
NPC:Alu Amahté Kemnebi
The Casual Collection
NPC: DjaDja Betuké
The Newbie Store
NPC:none atm
NPC: Uro Sebi Khenti



Donate items to other users.
Remove unwanted items.
A function only for special items. The effect varies for each item, but usually it will grant you a random item or a random amount of money.

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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:41 am Reply with quote        
The Tribes of Midorea
Midorea consists of 7 tribes. All tribes are made up of the many races of humans, but due to long periods of isolation, certain tribes acquire characteristics unique to them.
Such as the members of the Tribe of B'asat Iqui, who have a thin layer of fur all over their body and large pointed ears. Some even have spots like a leopard, or an all black coat.
It has even been said their fur becomes thicker when they are in the light of the full moon. An odd correlation connecting them to the ancient story about the Deities, and the creation of the Moons.

[the rest to be added later..]

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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:00 am Reply with quote        
Other/Misc. FAQ

Q: Why isn't the newbie store letting me buy anything? I have enough silver.
A: The newbie store only takes copper, which is earned by posting in the Fun n' Games forum, Storybook forum and Music & Lyrics forum.

Q: I don't understand! What are all these currencies used for?
A: Please refer to the New Member Guides:

Q: I didn't receive my activation email, what should I do?
A: Send an email titled "Midorea Account Activation" to admin@midorea.com along with your account username.

Q: How many BBcodes can I use?
A: As many as you want to! Because here on Midorea, bbcodes do not affect how much silver is granted. This goes for images as well. (just make sure images posted are under 600x600 pixels in size)

Q: How do I change my username?
A: Simply PM Catghost requesting to have it changed. Please bold what you would like to have your username changed to be clear.

Q: How do I give items?
A: In your inventory, check the box next to the items you wish to give, then press "give".
Next choose the member you want to give the item to.

Q: How do I delete items?
A: Same as above, but instead choose "delete".

Q: How do I earn money?
A: By posting, and also playing the Battle system.

Q: Why isn't my avatar showing up!?
A:Press F5 or clear your cache.

Q: I try to log in but it keeps logging me out!
A: Make sure cookies are enabled and that there is no www. in front of midorea.com

Q: How many mules can I have?
A:You can have up to 2 mule accounts. If you need any more then that, please PM me along with your reason for wanting another.

Q: How do I earn copper/gold?
A: Please check the info center for information about different currency types and how to get them.

Q: How do I trade items/money?
A: read this

Q: Why is my money count in the negatives?
A: If you make post(s) by spamming, and then spend all the money you've earned on something you want. When your post(s) are deleted you will lose the money you've earned from them and thus they will go into the negatives.

Q: When was Midorea created?
A: The original idea for Midorea was in the planning stages for about 4 months until the site itself was created on June 17th 2008. Midorea was also closed up until the middle of September when we first opened for alpha testers.

Q: My spell/weapon still has one duration left, so why can't I use it?
A: This is to prevent items from automatically being deleted once it hits 0 duration during battle, so once it hits 1 duration you cannot use it in battle until it is repaired or if you buy a new one.

Q: My armor disappeared!
A: Unlike weapons and spells, when armor reaches 1 duration it breaks and is deleted from your inventory for good.
I suggest repairing you armor as often as you can, and make sure you don't use it past 1 duration.

Q: What if I have a sibling that wants to join?
A: PM either me or a moderator.

More Questions and Answers to come if need be.


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