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 PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 10:48 am Reply with quote        
Welcome to the Information Kiosk

If you need any help, then post a thread in here with your question. The staff and users are more then willing to help you, but please make sure you aren't creating a repeat thread. (try reading through this forum to make sure your question hasn't already been asked)

When answering a question, please do so in a calm and polite tone. No one likes to be talked to like they're stupid.

That's all for now, and thank you for reading.

Continue to the next post for the FAQ.

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 PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 10:49 am Reply with quote        
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn't the newbie store letting me buy anything? I have enough silver.
A: The newbie store only takes copper, which is earned by posting in the Fun n' Games forum, Storybook forum and Music & Lyrics forum.

Q: I don't understand! What are all these currencies used for?
A: Please refer to the New Member Guides:

Q: I didn't receive my activation email, what should I do?
A: Send an email titled "Midorea Account Activation" to admin@midorea.com along with your account username.

Q: How many BBcodes can I use?
A: As many as you want to! Because here on Midorea, bbcodes do not affect how much silver is granted. This goes for images as well. (just make sure images posted are under 600x600 pixels in size)

Q: How do I earn money?
A: By posting, and also playing the Battle system.

Q: Why isn't my avatar showing up!?
A: Press F5 or clear your cache.

Q: I try to log in but it keeps logging me out!
A: Make sure cookies are enabled and that there is no www. in front of midorea.com
If that does not work, try clearing your cookies.

Q: How many mules can I have?
A: You can have up to 2 mule accounts.

Q: How do I earn copper/gold?
A: Please check the info center for information about different currency types and how to get them.

Q: How do I trade items/money?
A: read this

Q: Why is my money count in the negatives?
A: If you make post(s) by spamming, and then spend all the money you've earned on something you want. When your post(s) are deleted you will lose the money you've earned from them and thus they will go into the negatives.

Q: When was Midorea created?
A: The original idea for Midorea was in the planning stages for about 4 months until the site itself was created on June 17th 2008. Midorea was also closed up until the middle of September when we first opened for alpha testers.

Q: My spell/weapon still has one duration left, so why can't I use it?
A: This is to prevent items from automatically being deleted once it hits 0 duration during battle, so once it hits 1 duration you cannot use it in battle until it is repaired or if you buy a new one.

Q: My armor disappeared!
A: Unlike weapons and spells, when armor reaches 1 duration it breaks and is deleted from your inventory for good.
I suggest repairing you armor as often as you can, and make sure you don't use it past 1 duration.

Q: What if I have a sibling that wants to join?
A: PM either me or a moderator.

More Questions and Answers to come if need be.


Post new topic   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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