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 PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:53 pm Reply with quote        
Segoe | At Alphys,Undynes & Tris Home
With everyone

"It�s the nature of humans to fight, even thier own kind and nothing will erase that habit completly." comment the creature to Undynes rage filled answere, Segoe could understand that habit of her. Still, they think it was too much, it was wiser to handle situations calmer and focus the rage & power against a certain spot.
They noticed that the skeleton brothers came into the room, Papyrus loud voice filled the room and even made Undynes raging voice sound quiet, the goo skeleton looked at Sans for a short moment, checking if the smaller skeleton being shows any signs of having hard feelings towards Segoe because of the little fight they had. But nothing like that was there, Sans checked on Tris and doesn�t even looked at the goo skeleton.
They were totally fine with that.

Diana, the human-like being with wings, thanked him for protecting everyone and killing the bad humans.
The black monster would start to smile, but thier skull wasn�t that flexible to do, so they just looked down at Diana and try to let thier pinpricks do this somewhat.
"There is no need to thank me, i did what had to be done."
The pinpricks in his eye sockets gave off a warm yellow light before returning to the usual grey color.
They noticed that the girl took shaky breaths and tries to calm herself down when she looked at Sans, a quiet, soft growl escaped Segoes goo-like throat.
I will not allow that Sans is doing the same thing again. they think to themself and the pinpricks of his skull fellow how things were going, ready to react when something should go wrong...even when Segoe highly doubt it.
But the look Segoe gave the smaller skeleton was impossible to misunderstand.
"Try anything and you will have the worse time of your life, Judge."

They didn�t move an inche, even when thier own body was constantly moving the goo like a slow waterfall and they looked away from Diana and Sans back to Undyne and Alphys, but they still didn�t stop to fellow what was happening between them now.
"I don�t want to be rude, but what is going to happen to everyone now?" asked Segoe to change the topic to something more... important to think about.
It was in the middle of the night, maybe even past midnight, it would be dangerous to let the girls, monster or not, go home all by themself after the attack. There could be still haters around hoping to catch someone alone after the trouble they made.
Also, Segoe themself was down to 65/100HP, which is normally not a problem since they got a huge amount of DF, but humans created already powerful weapons to hurt monsterkind and beings that are part monster and they dont wanna risk thier life by protecting everyone if it could be avoided. They all are simply too many targets that would need to be protected.

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 PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:12 pm Reply with quote        
"Seeing as you seem to be friends with my daughterneice you can stay here for the night." Undyne said rather calmly despite still looking like and angry shark ready to bite off the head of the first thing that came near.

"But only for tonight in the morning we all get up early and head over to New Grillbys to asses the damage that has been done." She continued looking at the weird group before her and heading out of the room with Alphys trailing behind her so they could get blankets and the like.



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 PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:31 pm Reply with quote        
Segoe | At Alphys,Undynes & Tris Home
With everyone

"Thank you and yes, we should all clean up the mess that happend at Grillbys..." even when i dont think much is left to clean up. was what Segoe didn´t wanted to add to the conversation.

Shortly after that, Undyne and Alphys went away to get something for everyone to sleep, a huge sleepover was thier order and Segoe really didn´t knew what to do know. That never happend to them before, thier usual routine was to just decrease thier magic use so thier goo like body would slowly vanish inside thier skull and only leaving this behind and sleep.
He didn´t need much space in that way and he could restore any health he lost in no time.

That also made them a pretty nice decoration and easy to carry, in thier very first years Gaster tend to put him on a shelf overnight to sleep and Segoe stayed there until Gaster came to get him down and to wake up.
That also made pillows and blankets pretty useless to him...okay, maybe the pillow would be nice to have to put thier skull on.

Segoe moved towards Tris, the grey in thier eyes gave off a weak and soft light, and cough to get her attention.
"Tris, are you okay? The shoot took quite a lot out of you and i doubt that you are used to that kind of pain. Is the wound completly healed and the bullet out?" asked the creature concerned and guilty that they let that happen to her, at least they could make sure that she is fine.
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