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 PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:34 pm Reply with quote        
Hunter couldn't help laughing- not only was the joke a good one, to him, but it was true, too. Just remembering the last time he'd gone with her to the ghost-type gym in Ecruteak City was a good memory of that truth. She'd been far more scary than the ghosts with her panic attack.

Hiruka could tell people were poking fun at her expense and pouted over it, but shook it off as she took to the road and flew ahead of the others to exit the forest. Though she quite liked the trees, the smell of honey propelled her towards it, though she stopped when she noticed that there was a river and bridges. She had to be careful near those!

Li, seeing the way she'd stopped short, sighed a bit. "Well, there's one way to slow her down. Just keep it moving, Hiri."

Spinning on her heel, she growled lightly as she protested the nickname. "Stop calling me that."

"Why? It gets your attention so well." He smirked, turning to Kali. "Well, we're basically in town now. Is it as fun as you were hoping out here?" He gave her a glance as he heard the chime of words over the honey tree. He smiled when Hiruka ran to hug Caraway lightly.

"They're wonderful, aren't they? They have such a nice scent, too!"

"Yeah, they are nice..." Li noted.

"Though you'd like them without the scent anyway, Hiruka." Hunter smiled as he was being honest, and Hiruka giggled and nodded. "You get to smell them all the time though, huh. It's nice then to have a piece of home here, don't you think?"

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 PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:21 pm Reply with quote        
"It is really nice." Caraway agreed. She felt a lot more at ease Now then when she had first been dragged away from her home. Adventures were supposed to be fun.

"Where are you guys headed after the city?" Kali asked suddenly, "Do you plan on staying overnight in the city, or are you continuing on and setting up camp wherever you end up on the other side?"

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 PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:25 pm Reply with quote        
"We're on a delivery run," Hunter noted. "A delivery to the gym from our place. After that, technically, we're done." He stretched a bit, relieved to be out of the woods. While Hiruka was quite skilled with forests, Hunter was still better with a little less dense foliage.

As her brother explained, Hiruka seemed to be searching for the gym in question, spotting it and keeping it in her mind's poorly drawn map. As she turned to Kali's question, she had to think it over.

"We'd probably stay at the Pokemon Center I guess? I mean, it'd depend on how long it takes to get back otherwise. I'm thinking of staying in Sinnoh for a while as a sort of break, but it's not like I can sleep on the bike route down south. Maybe I'll go sleep in the woods?"

"Only you would be excited over sleeping in a dense forest, Hiruka," Li groaned. "I like camping as much as the next guy, but I still don't get how you can sleep in the trees."

"What? They're comfy." Hiruka giggled, smiling as she turned to Kali and Caraway. Li shook his head.

"Well, besides this weirdo, probably we'll stay somewhere overnight unless we can get far enough after their delivery...What's your plan?"

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