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Lord Lucian

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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:27 pm Reply with quote        
"Holy shit... These readings are off the charts..." Marianna breathed, looking at the computer, the bright blue glow illuminating her thin face. Erik leaned over to look at the screen, the seat belt of the SUV straining against his shoulder. At 6'5", Erik was one of the tallest members of the Torchwood team, and his head brushed the ceiling of the interior of the black SUV whenever he had to sit in it, as was the case now.

A meteor had crashed on the outskirts of Cardiff, and it was up to Torchwood to investigate. Erik had been hoping that it would be nothing more than a harmless meteor crash; he had been hoping that it would be nothing more than a freak accident, a chance occurrence, something unimportant. As the readings on the computer screen spiked higher and higher, Erik felt his hope that this would be something minor falling lower and lower.

It was times like these when he was sitting in the back of that black SUV when he always wondered why he was a member of Torchwood. An exciting life was something that people never expected Erik to have. He was just so... so... normal. Sure, he wasn't exactly normal in appearance; spending most of his time in Torchwood's gym and wrestling aliens has ensured that Erik was not lacking muscle in any way whatsoever, and the whole 6'5" thing gave him an imposing stature, to say the least, but, in personality, Erik was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Tonight he had been planning to laze around. Perhaps he would have hit one of the gay bars near his home, try and pick up someone to spend the night with. Or he would have had a sexy date with him, Netflix, a bowl of ice cream, and a fleecy blanket. Something mudane, to say the least. Something that didn't involve him approaching death by alien, something that would actually be relaxing.

Why was it that these things never worked out?

So, one phone call and a whole lot of panic later, here he was, sitting in the SUV and trying to keep from getting a concussion whenever the car hit a bump. And people wondered why Erik's posture was always terrible. He had grown accustomed to sitting hunched over completely so as to avoid death by beheading. Marcus, the leader of Torchwood, had driving skills enough to terrify even the most reckless of people, so Erik had made it a habit to sit hunched over whenever there was even the slightest chance that the car would be speeding over bumpy, pothole filled roads. Knowing that Marcus believed the car had two speeds - 'Not Moving' and 'DEAR GOD LET ME GET OUT OF THIS CAR ALIVE' - there was almost always that chance of speeding over bumpy roads.

Finally they arrived at the site where the meteor had hit. Erik was quite sure most of the team had to take a break purely to get their pulses down to safe levels before they even stepped out of the car, thanks to Marcus' insane driving. Really, did that man even have a licence?!

He stepped out of the car, stretching out his back, thankful to finally be able to stand up straight.

"I hadn't realised the Avengers were assembling, Mr. Fury," came a snarky comment from his left side, saying 'Mr. Fury' in a similar tone to what one would use to discuss a particularly foul piece of roadkill. Erik turned to look at the pasty-white police officer who had mentioned this comment. It was one that he heard frequently, although in a few different forms. For some reason, people automatically associated Erik with Nick Fury, or occasionally Morpheus from The Matrix, perhaps due to the long black trench coat he wore, or his dusky Egyptian skin. Erik never really understood these remarks, since his hair fell past his chest in silky strands, and he was far leaner then either character. Erik was the sort of guy who never managed to make it past a certain bulk, and, while he had obvious muscles, his face and body were still quite slender. Not to mention, he generally avoided wearing anything covering his eyes.

With a sigh and a roll of his eyes, Erik pulled out his wallet, letting it fall open to his ID, which clearly marked him as a government agent. "Erik Hoffmann, senior medical officer of Torchwood, assisting medical officer and forensics officer of UNIT squad four." He paused for a moment, watching the officer suddenly recoil. Clearly, the man was wondering how someone so, well, black, could have such an obviously German name.

By now, the rest of the team had assembled, and Jianping, one of the field officers, handed Erik his med kit, which had everything he would need for analyzing the site of the meteor, as well as multiple types of sedative in case any violent aliens proved to be near.

"It would be wise to avoid making stereotypes based upon race, officer. Now, if you would, please lead us to the site of the meteor. I do not mean to insult Cardiff's police force, but Torchwood knows what we're dealing with. You do not." For once, Erik was happy that Marcus was the leader of his team. The calm diplomacy with only the slightest barb, only the slightest insult, was something which he certainly needed right now. While Erik was not exactly hot-tempered, he was stressed, and dealing with annoying police officers was not something on his list of things he wanted to do right now.

Thankfully, they got to the edge of the area where the meteor hit fairly quickly. The police had even left the area untouched, thanks to a quick call from Marcus telling them to do so ahead of time. Erik was shocked. For once the police force was actually semi-competent.

Looking around, Erik was honestly stunned. The trees were completely flattened, all pointing away from the center of the newly-created clearing, which had a radius of almost ten meters. And in the center sat a massive structure of metal which nobody in their right mind could ever mistake for a meteor.

"Oh dear..." he heard Jianping murmur from next to him, her voice quiet and resigned. "It looks like we have a long night ahead of us."

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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:14 pm Reply with quote        
A humanoid creature stood on a rocky ledge observing the spectacle before him. Though his chest and body structure and posture hinted that they were of human decent other things such as his face that had four dark eerie looking slanting eyes but no mouth or ears, in place of his ears he had two transparent devices that were constantly moving in waves without the need of a breeze they resembled a more silky alternative to onion skin paper, his long unusually soft feathery hair was a gradient of black and white, white being the most dominant it dropped to the ground and dragged behind him like a short train on a wedding dress when he walked, his long arms with hands that only had three fingers, his odd animal like joining of his hips to his calves, his two toed feet that seemed to be stuck in a tip toe pose adding a good 5-6 inches to his standard 5'6 height screamed that he was an extra terrestrial life form, at least to humans who would have happened to look upon him but of course that was impossible at that moment.

He was on his planet unknowing of the future on Earth that awaited him. He was awestruck by the warm colours in the sky and the way they changed into darker hues that he had never seen before as he had lived in a small speck of a planet that resided near the sun it's orbit never crossed the sight of the Earth, it was always blocked off from the planet by the large mass of the sun. The large energy of the sun paired with the unknown planet's technologies always distorted the chances of any other planet from discovering their civilization, they were always registered as a meteor or a satellite if ever.

Though the Utrorians had no contact with any other planets and where always careful enough to make sure sure that their environment stayed constant, this foreign thing was right in front of them. No one knew what it was, there were no records of it ever being seen on the planet and neither was there anyone in Utroria that wanted anything to do with that cut in the sky that held so many possibilities, they were a shy closed off race, they had no wish to be known, except maybe a few residents of the planet. The Utrorian standing on the cliff being one of them.

This adventurous soul was known by the name of Gilli. He stood still masking his excitement if he could get down to the bottom of this mystery he would surely be able to convince his race of the essentialness of expeditions and the need for knowledge of outside planets. Gilli strongly opposed the the rulers of their planet and the fear that they encouraged in the population at the thought of exploration and advancement. Gilli didn't want the fate of a cowardice race that was why he chose to be the first to oppose the law of his planet.

He reluctantly turned away from the crack of colours he had to get to it before it left of worse, the higher authorities took care of hit. He ran to his spaceship, quickness wasn't a problem as his tiptoeing feet made his sprint faster than that of any human athlete on earth. His his spaceship was one of the very few that secretly existed in the planet here was no need for vehicles as Utrorians found walking to their destinations easier the government also opposed the idea of residents owning any machinery that might be of use for external communication. He had made the spaceship himself along with the help of some of his friends who had the same mind set to over throw their current government. It made out of what almost everything in Utroria was made of a very durable metal, in fact most things in Utroria were made out of that very element because it was one of the very few things that could withstand the high temperatures that resulted in living very close to the sun. Most of their chemistry involved said element it was as organic and necessary Utrorians as carbon was to humans.

Gilli pressed his hand on a glowing screen it was programmed to only recognize his DNA there was a beeping sound and suddenly the metallic spherical object opened an ovular door and ejected a small stair case of four steps. As soon as he entered they closed. The ship could only hold two as there was little walking space and only two chairs. The walls of the ship were covered with loose cables and strange levers and buttons. It was clear to see as the unfinished work of an amateur.

Gilli pressed a button and the engines roared to life, he his eyes shined with anticipation of what was to come. He rested his hands on a glowing orb that seemed to be the steering mechanism of the ship. It slowly but surely started to levitate until it was fully off the ground and heading at a steady pace to the crack of colours.

As the ship got nearer Gilli could almost make out something inside the crack, but what was it? He wasn't going to stop until he found out. The ship started shaking, a radiation device went into alert. Gilli could care less the devices that replaced his would be ears were there to control that, it kept his alien body in homoeostasis it would take more than a little radiation to break such a device that was made by all of the scientists of his race to withstand any climate out of the very cowardice that the government instilled.

The ship's shaking turned into much more dangerous bumping that ruffed everything in the ship noised that Gilli had never heard before started to make themselves apparent the loose cables swished with momentum. Gilli trembled in fear. “What is happening?” he questioned. How could something so beautiful cause so much destruction. He didn't want to die. He wanted to turn away but the gravitational pull of the crack pulled him into it more so than his desire to explore the universe. A blinding light flashed through the entire ship whose entire system was on red alert. Suddenly Gilli could hear nothing, everything went dark, he fainted.

It took a huge crash to awaken him. He jumped in alarm, tripped on his own feet he was to dizzy and disoriented. The ship was dark something he wasn't very accustomed to since in Utroria it was always day. His glowing homoeostasis devices were the only things giving him the slightest bit of light. He looked around trying to find his bearings, from what he could see everything inside his ship was in shambles,he was sitting on the glass screen which he would usually see through to see his location. His ship was upside down and if he wanted to know his surroundings he would have to get out.

He crawled around on the floor a little too weak to get up and afraid to knock his head on anything he couldn't see. He felt around for the barely visible outline of the door. Is alien blood rushed quickly through his body as he found it along with the lever that would open it manually. It took a lot of effort and Stengel to open the heavy metal door two things that he was lacking. He sat on the lever and pushed on it letting gravity and his weight do most of the work.

He waited until the door was fully open to peak out, it was also dark outside so his eyes didn't need to adjust he was astonished at the new shapes and hues that he was seeing. He saw that the space seemed to be clear of any lifeforms but it would be a trouble climbing up the hole he seemed to have gotten himself into. He climbed out of the ovular exit. As he stood shivering outside he felt naked to the cold of this unknown place his homoeostasis devices were gradually raising his body temperature, to his disappointment it wasn't quick enough.

He slowly walked around to the other side of the ship with wobbling legs. He was desperate to find an escape. He froze as much as he could while still shivering, as he suddenly felt that he was being watched. He looked up to see some strange looking aliens standing around the perimeter of his ship. He felt vulnerable in the presence of the unfamiliar beings. What were they going to do to him? As his adrenaline rushed he started knowingly but unwillingly excreting mating hormones,it was something his species often did when they were caught in a tight situation it sometimes allowed them to go to certain extents sometimes as far as controlling each other. He hoped to every higher power there was that they would work in his favour.
Lord Lucian

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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:23 pm Reply with quote        
As soon as the police officer left, the Torchwood team jumped into action. This was what normally happened. All of them appeared calm and quiet, in-charge of the situation, but then the moment outside eyes left, bam! Panic.

The team frantically ran around, looking rather like chickens without heads, setting up equipment in a process that only they truly knew. Any outside watcher would have been convinced that they had no clue what they were doing.

This was not the case.

The panicked movements were purely because they were rushing, because they knew all of the movements by heart, because they knew what they were doing so perfectly they could afford to look disorganized.

Or, at least, that was what Erik hoped.

Sometimes, he was rather unsure of whether this was the case or not. Sometimes, he thought they really did have absolutely no clue what was going on. Sometimes, he thought they really were completely out of their depth.

The slightest twitch of his head shook those thoughts out of his head. Now was no time to be doubtful.

Erik pushed the hair out of his face, quickly tying it back into a ponytail. He absolutely hated having his hair in his face, at least when he was trying to work. Sometimes, it was okay for it to be hanging loose, but those 'sometimes' never occurred when he was on the job.

He quickly opened his medkit, pulling out a variety of scanners. Turning one on - it looked like a flat tablet, slightly smaller than an iPad - he held it up in front of his face, so that the backside was directed towards the ship. Shadowy objects showed up on the screen, and after a moments rest, the flat tablet let out a highpitched beeping noise, outlining a figure in green.

"There is life by the spaceship," he called out to the rest of the group. Why had he called it a spaceship? Erik didn't know. That was the most fitting word for it. After all, it certainly wasn't an ordinary meteorite. "Proceed with caution. Use lethal force as a last resort." Those instructions were ones he really only repeated out of habit; all of the members of Torchwood knew them by heart. Erik really didn't have to mention them at all. He just liked to be certain.

Checking to make sure his pistol was loaded, Erik slid that into the holster on his waist. Like the others, he would only be using it as a last resort, but if there was one word which described Erik, it was 'cautious'. He pulled out a dart gun as well as an industrial strength tranquilizer dart. This was certain to knock out most species of alien, Erik had learned from experience. He just had to hope that whatever was down by the spaceship was on that list of aliens which is knocked out.

The team fell into their standard formation, with him and Marcus in the front, and Marianna and Jianping in the back. For the millionth time, Erik was wishing that he wasn't medical officer, that he wasn't such a good shot. Call him a sissy, but Erik was the sort of person who was still scared of the things that go bump in the night. Being the first to confront a most-likely dangerous alien really was not something that was high on his priorities list, and would likely never be. At least he had the other three members of his team backing him up. Erik would never be able to do something like this on his own.

As they approached, the narrow beams of light coming from their flashlights lit up the silky grey exterior of the shuttle. There was still a bit of light from the setting sun, but it was barely there, and fading fast. Why hadn't they set up the floodlights earlier? Erik was really regretting this.

Sweeping the flashlight up and down the front of the ship, Erik looked for any life. He found it rather quickly, and had to do quite the double-take to make sure his eyes weren't betraying him. Pokemon weren't real, right?

This creature seemed to suggest otherwise.

"Damn, it looks like Mewtwo," he heard Marianna mutter from behind him. So he wasn't the only one! This was but a small comfort to Erik. At least if he was going insane, Marianna would be right there with him. Then again, Marianna's sanity was questionable at minimum. But that was another story. He had to focus on the matter at hand.

The alien.

It stood on two legs, balanced on its twos. Around its head fluttered wing-like - or perhaps fin-like? Erik couldn't quite tell - devices, or maybe they were ears. A mane of white-black hair flowed down his bag in feathery waves. For lack of a better word, Erik could have easily said this creature was incredibly beautiful, in an otherworldly sort of way.

He twitched his head again, trying to shake those thoughts out of his head. This was an alien. He wasn't supposed to find it beautiful. Erik mentally sighed, and made a note to stop by a bar either later on or tomorrow night. Was he really so desperate for attention that he thought an alien was attractive.

Holding the tranquilizer gun level in front of him, barrel aimed at the alien, he called out. "Identify yourself!" Hopefully, this alien was a sentient one. Preferably a sentient one who didn't have any malevolent intentions. That would makes his job so much easier.

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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:20 pm Reply with quote        
Gilli's shivering had finally ceased, his body finally rose in temperature but not so much as it got somewhat used to the conditions around him.

He saw hints of lights moving in all directions he was sure it came from other inhabitants. Gilli stayed still hopping that would make them overlook him. He watched the creatures come closer to him, there was no doubt in his mind that they had seen him. He took a step back as lights were shun on him, he covered his eyes the sudden unexpected rays of light hurt his sensitive eyes. He slowly opened his eyes to observe the four creatures that were making their way toward them.

Gilli eyed the gun that the one in the front carried, he had not seen many weapons in his lifetime since his people were mostly of the peaceful variety, but he knew a weapon when he saw one they were of a similar shape as the ones that his planet's government used to keep Utrorians from rioting.

He looked around trying to find something to fight them off with the barren landscape left nothing for him to use but sticks, pebbles, even bigger sticks that where too heavy to carry or brute strength which would surely fail him seeing as there was four of them and one of him. He knew if he acted hostile towards them they would return the motion but if he listened to them then they would surely gladly accept him. Right?

Gilli didn't try to run away knowing the odds were against him, it was best to comply.

The hum of vibrations where the only things he could feel as one of the humans made their first remarks. Gilli tilted his head clueless as to what the womanly creature was saying. He reached for the devices on the sides of his head trying to get them to tune into the language that these being spoke. Gloom was washing over him, how could such technology fail him? He wanted to desperately get himself out of the situation but knew that it was highly unlikely. He looked around in frustration not knowing how to communicate.

The Utrorian took another step backward in surprise as the gun was pointed at him. The step it wasn't as steady as the one before and it almost took him to the ground. Luckily he was able to regain his balance before he fell to the ground. He was relieved that he was spared the embarrassment of looking even more like a fool in front of this new race.

He blinked a few times the feeling of regret and uselessness creeping into the forefront of his mind. The translation mechanism in the device was not working maybe it was shutting down because it was the first time it was being put to the test. Maybe instead of his body heat rising he was beginning to feel numb. Maybe as the device was shutting down so were all his organs who were not used to the unfamiliar conditions. He was dying all because of his desire to explore. How ironic, the very thing that he wanted to be the uprising of his race was his downfall.

Liquid made its way into Gilli's eyes, it made them appear more glossy and distant. He held back his tears, he refused to let them fall and cry in front of the ruthless beings that he thought threatening to kill him. He couldn't remember a time where he felt so hopeless enough to cry.

All his failures fell onto his shoulders like the weight of the world. His spaceship was good for nothing, it crashed and broke after it's first use, at times like these he felt like he should have listened to the rulers, it was a big blow to his ego. He was going to die before even making a contribution to his society, without reaching his ultimate goal of bringing new cultures to his people.

His head dropped down in defeat he was destined to die either way. At least he would be able to go with an ounce of pride.

The vibrations made their way to him once again. He could tell this time they weren't of the same frequency as the ones before. The oscillations did something strange to him they made a chill run through his spine. It surprised him and made him glance up without moving his head at who it was that made such an impacting vibration. It was the one with the gun, he could see his mouth moving in unfamiliar patterns.

When he had lost all hope that he would be able to understand them. "Identify yourself!" he heard. It was like a thought, a faint voice that travelled through his mind and cushioned it with promise. His head snapped up, tears no longer fogging his eyes. His hope had been restored. He was unsure of what to say to the beings he knew he was treading on thin ice anything he said could be used against him.

Gilli looked into the eyes of the one that had spoken to him. He meant no harm. He wanted to convey that but he was unsure if it would give the creatures more reason to kill him, because he had nothing for them to gain. He looked down for a second then raised his head once again when he made up his mind.

"Gilli" A smooth voice resonated though the Torchwood team's minds.

He had chosen to tell them his name, something simple, it identified himself and brought no clue to what his race was or what type of language he could speak or understand. For all the knew the only word he could say was 'Gilli'. Gilli would gladly act like a fool for his life and the safe being of his people..
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