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 PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:39 pm Reply with quote        

What if, after death, you woke up, alive again, but in a whole new universe?

Welcome to Eclipse, a parallel world to the 'living world', it is also known as the 'dead world. In the living world, everybody fears death, in the Dead, everyone's experienced it.
When you die in the living world, your spirit falls to eclipse, and a body is created from your soul, often reflecting your thoughts before death and your general character. When you wake up, all you can remember is your death, at first. As time goes on, your memories return, from he most recent to, eventually, the day you were born. In living World you are mourned, but in Eclipse, you can live on. And you never die.

Eclipse is everything the living world isn't: Magic, chaotic and unlawed. there is no government body, no divine force, which has its ups and downs. You're a free person, and if you behave, your 'life' is up to you. But cause to much trouble and the underdogs can and will get you. If you think just because you're Immortal, You're invinisble, think again. Torture is widely practised in Eclipse, one of the largest markets across the entire dimension.


In the Living world, another World War has started, so the amount of 'Wakenings' have greatly increased in Eclipse, and although not everyone who dies in the living World ends up in Eclipse, Citizens with strong past ties have become obsessed with finding their past's reincarnations.

Although Eclipse has no Government, The Sile who are a group of trained torturers (similar to the army, only crueller and without real rules) are capturing and selling people as slaves in a back street black market which is growing in popularity due to the lack fo law to make it illegal. The Magrenade who are really just a group of people who selected those with great skills, are trying to destroy these markets.

Eclipse is really a world where you can do, be or say anything. Past times like schools and workplaces exist in Eclipse, but there are also slave Markets, Magic training and Fights, Nomads and Empires, Slums and Castles. The Story is mainly set In Falcon, the largest empire in Eclipse, with the largest Slave Market in existence.

So when Death claims you, what will you become?


Keep it clean please, cussing and some swearing is fine, but if you flaunt your less 'creative language' You'll just get band.
This is a PG-13, so no CS or masses of gore guts and bluuuud. Violence is okay in moderation though.
You can Have up to three characters
Just PM me your Profiles and I'll add them to the list asap.
Paragraph minimum and post at least twice every two weeks or you'll go on the 'grey list' which you have to have a good excuse to get off.
Start Roleplaying as soon as Your Character Profile appears on the list below.
Put 'eergaI' in your character profile to show you've read the rules
And enjoy!


Who and what you are in Eclipse is down to your Imagination. From your Typical Zombies and Vampires to your more abstract beings, like animated ragdolls, Mutants and Living Shadows. Be as creative as possible, and only if you start going a little to over the top will you get a warning.
Examples of Character types:
'Sewn Characters'- Sub class of Rag dolls Image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_cMdbfkl3Rz4/SwXPtOT0GbI/AAAAAAAAFqE/X0Nz4RggWxs/s800/blue.jpg
Vampire- probably the most popular undead
Zombie- Undead and Smelly, what more needs to be said?
Half breed- Half human half Plant/animal. A chance to be creative.

If you come up with your own, include a description!

Character Sheet

Character Name:
Supernatural Qualities/Abilities:
Apperance: Description at least three sentences- Picture optional extra.
Special qualities + Features:
How You Died In the Living World:
Other: (Put whatever you want here)


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 PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:40 pm Reply with quote        
Accepted Characters:

Username: Indigoowls
Character Name: Mandy
Age: Died at Sixteen, Now 18.
Gender: Female
Race: Ragdoll Witch
Supernatural Qualities/Abilities: Control over dark magic.
Weapons: Staff, several magic acsessories and if you ever wear/touch her hat, you'll immediatly be knocked out.
Apperance: Silvery blue hair, sivler skin, icey blue eyes, tall, wears her hat and cape at all times, favours skirts and boots. Likes exotically patterned knee socks and tops, unique necklaces and wears a gold snake coil around her wrist which is believed to have healing qualities.
Image: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_3_2FCxXqZPQ/TDhK3xEgEgI/AAAAAAAAPMU/A87IhgovkSs/s320/anime-halloween-witch-greetings.jpg
Bio: Attended a boarding school because both her parents worked, was an optimistic girl with bright views on all the world. After she died, she remained perky and bright, but tended to be more sarcastic and realistic. Always facinated by magic and mystic side of life. She trained as a witch in several different areas. Nearly got captured as a slave once but escaped, and for that reason she sometimes helps the Magrenade. Will never turn down someone in desperate need.
Special qualities + Features: Photographic memory + a very good gymnast.
How You Died In the Living World: Died at a circus, when freak winds unexpectantly hit the fairgrounds and the tent collapsed. She sufforcated to death.
Other: Favourite colour- blue
favourite music genre- dance

Username: Indigoowls
Character Name: Red
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Battle Angel- Born in blood shed, angels that are made purely for the purpose of fighting, with heightened senses, strength and physical abilities. Often have one or two Supernatural abilties as well. They differ from Fallen angels by their sadistic nature, and they feed on blood, rather like vampires.
Supernatural Qualities/Abilities: Can Manipulate fire at will, as well as restore burnt objects.
Weapons: Elongated slicing blade, and fire arrows.
Apperance: Red Earnt her name from her hair, a bloody crimson, the same colour as her strangely large eyes. Short, she's smaller than most people. Paper white skin, she has Black and white gradient Wings which are tattered and have serveral feathers missing. She has a scar down her wrist, which she wraps egyptain silk around to cover. She wears ceremonial clothes, usually black, white or red, and often decorated with feathers from her wings, or 'unknown objects' from her kills.
Image: http://www.testriffic.com/resultfiles/282526177anime_goth.jpg
Bio: In the living world she was a quiet girl who got on with her work, her parents were never happy with her, and her social life was fairly slow. After her death, when she became immortal and she lost her parents influence, she became a sadistic blood thirsty force, Often joining in with the Sile. She has her own will, never listens to others and rarely cares about them. She is one of the most well known battle angels in Eclipse.
Special qualities + Features: She can 'talk' without using her mouth- her mind is capable of creating a audiable voice. She is also skilled in the use of swords, arrows and gunfire.
How You Died In the Living World: Burned to death when studying for an exam in a library, someone dropped an unfinished cigarette and books caught fire. On the way out the exit door to the library collapsed as Red and two other people were about to leave.
Preferes orange juice to blood... :]

Username: Inamorata
Character Name: Fiona Flora (Nicknames: Fio or just Flora, she dislikes her full first name)
Age: 18 at death, 22 now
Gender: Female
Race: Demonic/Mutant

Supernatural Qualities/Abilities:
Extremely fast and strong, she's a user of brute force. She's agile and has extremely good reflexes and physical instincts/senses and what she lacks in mystical qualities she makes up for in sheer force. She's able to manipulate her bones at will for any purpose. IE: She's able to extend her finger bones into claws or turn a rib bone into a sword. This manipulation is such that it allows her to utilise her bones to any purpose with out undermining the structure of her skeleton - she could stretch her bones out to make a small area of pikes with out causeing her body to collapse. This is possible because the substance of her actual skeleton adjusts to adapt to the extended 'limbs'. This manipulation, however, is extremely painful - more painful directly proportionate to how much of her skeleton is being manipulated and if it's still physically connected to her body.

Weapons: Bone made weapons. She carries no weapons openly because she can make them at will. Her weapons of choice are: Stilettoes, Needle Thin Daggers and both One Handed and Two Handed swords. Occaisionally she likes to use a bone scythe, for irony's sake.

Apperance: Picture By Me
She's a short, curvy, fiery red-head. Her features are obviously geared towards someone who is physically fit and enjoys fighting. She has the constantly smirking appearance of someone who can kick your ass, if they need to. The one thing that marks her as being non-human-esque, aside from the blood red hair and inumanely vivid green eyes, are the large, deadly looking bone horns that sit regally atop her head, scratched and stained slightly reddish around the seams and edges as if she'd used them to gore opponents in the past.

Fio was just like any other teenaged girl; she went to school, did her work, tried to avoid pulling too much attention onto herself from the 'popular' kids and, in general, just tried to live her life. She had as normal a family as most - divorced parents, a busy mom and an apathetic older brother. Aside from being mildly bullied from time to time, she went virtually unnoticed. By everyone. She listened to the latest pop stars, gushed over the latest idols and, when she allowed herself, she blushed over "omigod-hes-such-a-hunk" popular boy. Her life was a cliche in every respect but one: at the end of the movie, she wasn't the one Pretty Boy A chose. She was dead.

How You Died In the Living World:
At the end of her senior year, Fio made the horrible mistake of actually agreeing to go to an after grad party with some of her year mates. She got dressed up in her sluttiest outfit, which for her was just a plain v-neck sweater and jeans, and tromped out to the beach at dusk. Out came the alcohol, down went the inhibitions until, drunk and stumbling, she managed to find herself alone with some strange guy whom she didn't even think went to their school. Before she could take herself back off to the party, he was on her - and obviously not drunk. She struggled, but she'd never had a strong upper body. He was able to easily overpower her. After a few confused, terror stricken minutes of struggle, she managed to finally get a lucky shot in, kneeing him between the legs. Clawing her way upright from the ground, she stumbled off blindly into the woods. It didn't take him long to follow, or to catch up. Bursting from the underbrush, she found she was on the precipice of the cliff over looking the beach and the revelers below but, as she opened her mouth to scream for help, he tackled her from behind, tossing her to the ground mere inches from the edge of the cliff. This time, there was no escape. When he was done with her, he left her there, alone and broken. Still, she was alive, she thought. Eventually, she managed to gather herself up enough to stand. However, before she could stumble her way home, she felt a jolt from underneath her. The ground gave way and she was falling, endlessly falling towards the jagged, jutting rocks and sloshing water below, the wind in her ears loud as screams. Intense pain, crushing weight, and then nothing.

Special qualities + Features:
Aside from the superhuman strength, speed and agility, and bone manipulation, she also has very strong natural instincts. She's able to feel the atmosphere in a room or place more keenly than most, and can feel and interperet the feel of another persons energy. In this way she is able to sense danger to herself and can, often times, read someones intent more easily. She can also tend to be more animalistic in nature, more bestial, often adopting characteristics of predatorial animals. These are, however, not supernatural talents and so, are not 100%. She can be mistaken about what she feels or mislead. She is simply sensing the natural energies/atmospheres more keenly than most people who are usually not as connected to their instinctual or animalisitic senses.

Other: "eergaI"
She is incredibly stubbourn and, in an almost 360 degrees turnabout from how she was in life, she is strongly opinionated and can be rude, not caring who's wrath she pulls down on herself. She's sarcastic and can be very paranoid, often times capable of coming up with convoluted reasons for simple events. She can be incredibly lazy and has a neutral nature, doing what pleases her as opposed to what is right or wrong. She has spent the time since awakening in eclipse wandering around and training herself physically, learning her abilities. Because of the amount of pain her Bone Manipulation skill causes, she has developped a self-mutilation addiction in an attempt to gain a higher pain threshhold. Because of that, she feels no compunctions about throwing herself into dangerous or physically painful situations - noone, however, actually knows that, as she never does this in public, viewing it more as a personal ritual of sorts. She is, obviously, therefor seen as incredibly reckless and unconcerned with her own well being.


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 PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:41 pm Reply with quote        
Grey List:


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 PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:26 pm Reply with quote        
4 Years Ago

She was falling, always falling. It seemed to go on forever. Air rushed passed her face, whipping her hair out of it's loose bun to spin in a mad dance around her, constricting the confused view of things flying by - too fast and too slow. Her mind worked over time, racing ahead of her to the only conclusion, but the words were tossed into nonsense, loosing their meaning in the rush of terror and - gods the screaming was so loud. Who was screaming? Everything was crystal clear, but nothing made sense. Nothing focused. Everything was a torrent of fear and thought and sensation until-

Pain. Blinding, bone-crushing, maddening pain. Water seeping into lungs, but she'd already let go - the pain prevented everything else. An instant of blinding, all consuming pain and weight heavier than the world and she was spinning out of herself, lost and ungrounded, surrounding by inky black.

And then nothing. It seemed like the nothing went on forever, stretching out back and forth in time. She was no longer herself, she wasn't anything.

Then the falling began again and, with a jolt that yanked her upright, she was awake and looking around herself at unfamiliar trees and sky, spiky grass beneath her hands.

Where was she?
Who was she?
How did she get here?

And then...
Oh god, she was dead. The pain. The crushing weight. The man. Again the sound of screaming filled her ears, loud and confused and terrified and filled with pain. This time, she knew it must be her own voice making the awful noise, but she couldn't stop. After awhile she lost her voice, but the screaming seemed to go on, and on, and on...

Present Day

Fiona Flora leaned against the side of a building and used a tiny, needle like bone to pick her teeth as she watched the people passing by her. After four years in Eclipse, she'd gotten used to the often grotesque and strange appearances people could take on when they Awoke. With a snort of disgust, she flicked the little white stick away from her and pushed off the wall, shaking her vivid blood coloured hair out behind her. Stepping out into the throngs of people going about their business, she began to meander her way through the city, following the traffic flow with out real direction or hurry. Things tended to find her, so there was never much of a need for her to go looking for them.

Affecting her usual bored expression, she set out to see what she could make of the day. 'It's been slow, lately. Who knows, maybe I'll find a box full of treasure in an alley and gain some Rupees.'


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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:29 pm Reply with quote        
Username: Tersay
Character Name: Tersay
Age: millions of years (unkown_
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Supernatural Qualities/Abilities: able to transform into 14 different creatures
Weapons: scythe and healing water
Apperance: white hair, bright purple eyes, purple outfit, tattoo under eye, http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/057/0/5/tersay_redone_by_invadertakart-d3ahbah.jpgBio:
Special qualities + Features: has a brain disease that makes her forget bad things cast upon her by her older sister who she no longer remembers, she has an immense amount of wisdom, shes very flexible due to many battles previous in her home land, eyes change when her forms do
Bio: A demoness who has more than 10 different forms. Although she tends to stick with three of her favorite forms: the black cat, blood wolf, and black dragon. She is very cold and has lived for over 5000 years. Sadly she can only remember the most recent 15 years of her life and tends to act like she really is 15. She loves heals and has taken gymnastic-sword fighting class when she was a young demon making her able to use a sword like a human uses a knife. She heals on her own, no need for herbs really, it only takes her one hour of sleep. She can control how much of her forms she wants to show at a time: one ear, both ears, a tail, teeth, etc. Flarion is her recently her best friend yet she has no idea how m any shes left behind. Her sister wiped her memory of everything, a witch named Lovelyheart, so she couldn't feel the pain of her ex husband anymore. Lovelyheart died in her effort to releave Tersay of her pain. Yet she lives on as Tersay's conscious, constantly making her wonder why her inner voice doesnt sound like her normal one. When Tersay encounters pain she has a huge spasm and normally is left out cold on the ground. When wakes up she has a vage memory of what just occured but generally nothing too important
How You Died In the Living World: burned at the stake, heart ripped out in process
Other: if she hates you, she hates you, you can get on her good side easily, shes very forgiving, she protects the weak and stands up for what she believes in.
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