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Joined:  15 Oct 2013
Total posts:  575
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Location:  Camping out in a grove of trees
All about CopperSpiral
Razillia Illuminium is a dimensional traveller and shape-shifter. Her form changes to suit the needs of her newest world, but a few things remain predictable.
She usually has bright raspberry hair and a humanoid-female form. She has a tendency to float instead of walk, and is known for wearing lots of colours, with lots of pockets, and having a set of powers suited for mischief. She fights primarily with magic and claws.
She is generally curious, friendly, and keen to explore and converse. Her most common alternate form is that of a ferret.

Items of Note:
Raz carries a bag of holding. The magic separating the items has worn a bit thin, and there are some bleed through issues. Some food was stored too close to the cache of cursed items. Watch out for evil onions.

A necklace of unknown origin, a stone on a silver chain. It glows sometimes.

Raz's preferred outfit is a vest style top, with a patchwork skirt, a belt with side pouches, and a long sleeveless over-jacket with many pockets. She has a grey cloak for colder weather.

Hi, I'm CopperSpiral. I'm in my mid twenties, and I live on the western coast of the US. Razillia is my long-time RP character, and is thus fairly similar to me. I'm new to Midorea, and hoping to get back into text RP after a lengthy break from it. I like to read, make copper jewellery, and play around with food and costuming.
CopperSpiral's Character
Image Description Level
Forge Forge Skill 12
Enchantment Enchantment Skill 6

Vital Stats
  Health Points:: 140/140
  Mana Points:: 140/140
  Weight: 873/2,090
  Experience:: 17/9,394
Armour Class Armour Class 44
Strength Strength 18
Intelligence Intelligence 19
Wisdom Wisdom 19
Constitution Constitution 18
Battle Statistics
Victories 929
Defeats 16
Flees 4

Level: 21
   Class: Druid
   Race: Nomadic Human
Nomadic Human
   Element: Poison
   Alignment: Neutral

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