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Joined:  27 Sep 2013
Total posts:  25
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Location:  Equestria
All about Garrison

Well hello, deary! Welcome to my home. Please, do wipe off your shoes before entering! Thanks, dollface. Okay, I go by many names (Garri, Garrison, Garry, Garrily, Gurry, Gar, ec.), so just choose whichever one you'd like to call me by. I'm 14 and I live the uke life. Here's my most recent picture :P *hides behind a tree* My interests consist of MLP:FiM, Elsword, PokeHeroes, Gaiaonline, anything totally super kawaii! <3 Rabbits are the best animal, and your arguments are invalid is you say otherwise! P.s.- I absolutely love making new friends, so please don't be afraid to say hi! (:

Time to go. Thanks for stopping by, it really means a lot to me <3
Garrison's Character
Image Description Level
Forge Forge Skill 1
Enchantment Enchantment Skill 2

Vital Stats
  Health Points:: 1/24
  Mana Points:: 20/60
  Weight: 86/1,150
  Experience:: 104/1,210
Armour Class Armour Class 12
Strength Strength 7
Intelligence Intelligence 23
Wisdom Wisdom 11
Constitution Constitution 12
Battle Statistics
Victories 92
Defeats 10
Flees 3

Level: 3
   Class: Magician
   Race: Tribe of Naquirfa
Tribe of Naquirfa
   Element: Water
   Alignment: Neutral

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