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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:44 pm Reply with quote        
She doubled over, obviously in pain as the glass of water she had been holding crashed the floor and shattered, sending the shards of glass all over the floor.

Shit! No! She exclaimed mentally as she dropped to her knees, unable to hold herself up due to the pain. Her hands landed on glass shards, which managed to make their way into her flesh. The woman didn't even notice though, the pain in her abdomen was far too strong.

She forced herself to her feet, cursing as she did so. She had to send a text to Vincent, she was going into labour early, she had to tell him... but she didn't know if he would get it. If he was out in the middle of a dig at the moment, the chances were that he wouldn't have any reception, and wouldn't receive the text. As such, she was of the mindset that she had to let him know somehow, and even though he would get it later, after she was already gone, he would at least get it.

She made her way into the den and quickly wrote up a letter for him. It took her nearly half an hour, and was a good length since it said... a lot. She knew this was the end of her, she knew that she would be leaving, and she wanted to leave something for Vincent to remember her by. Hopefully, just hopefully it would help him heal.

Vincent... I love you. she thought as a few tears streamed down her face. She grabbed her cell off of the coffee table and called 911. She had to get to the hospital for this, she wanted her children to survive, even if she didn't.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:07 pm Reply with quote        
It had been almost 3 hours since she called, and in that time, the paramedics had come and taken her to the hospital, where she was helped through the birthing process, and her twin daughters were brought into the world, healthy and well.

Some of the doctors and nurses were talking amongst themselves, a lot stating how lucky they were to have gotten there in time, others chastising Vincent for not being there, and out working, when she was so close to the end of her term, but that wasn't anything important right then.

What seemed to be important, was there being another figure in the hospital room with the woman. He was standing in a far corner, clad in a pitch-black cloak, with a hood that covered his head and shadowed his face. Behind him was a large weapon... a scythe... which looked to have been put together with the very bones of those that had passed away, except for the blade, which shone brilliantly in the sunlight that poured in through the window.

But none of the staff saw him. It would have been impossible for them to. Nor would they be able to do anything if they -could- see him. He was there for a reason... a purpose... his job.

"Hmph... pathetic humans... thinking they can save anyone they want..." he growled to himself.

They were all jubilant about how they birthing had gone relatively smoothly, and how there were no complications whatsoever, and how the mother and children would be able to return home in a matter of a week. But he knew better. He knew that things would not be as happy and fairy tale as all that.

"Just laugh it up and think you actually made a difference." he continued, in the same low growl. "You have no idea about the forces involved in this, and how you're nothing more than pawns, making no difference in this damn cosmic chess game." he continued, before his shadowed glance moved over to the woman in the bed.

His expression softened a little, but he didn't say anything. He just continued to stand there, crossing his arms and gripping his sleeves a little tightly. This was his job. He'd accepted it as his job. He didn't like his job, but he knew it had to be done. But something was different this time. It seemed like he felt his presence there was... unneeded... in the sense that he thought there should be no good reason for him to be there.

It was as if, after countless centuries of taking souls, one was finally getting to him once more... after so long, after thinking he'd buried his emotions towards those he collected, they were brought to the surface again... and it pained him.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:12 pm Reply with quote        
She was silent as she laid there on her side, the pain that was there hidden from the doctors and nurses. She knew she was going to die, for Vincent and Hollie had both told her outright that she would, that there had been nothing that they could do. As such, she was keeping herself from displaying the pain freely. She didn't want to get the attention of the staff there, since she knew they wouldn't be able to help, and she was sure that if they were to try, it would just hurt more.

"... I'm sorry Vincent..." She said quietly as the nurse that was checking on her left the room, leaving her and the ghostly figure alone as tears streamed down her face.

"Gregory... how much longer do I have...?" She asked, not moving.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:24 pm Reply with quote        
The reaper figure... known to the woman as Gregory, for that was his name when he was alive... continued to stand there, silently, for another minute, before his voice emanating from the shadows of his hood.

"An hour." he replied.

He didn't look to her. He couldn't look to her. He couldn't bare to see her like this. He felt she didn't deserve this, and that things were being exceptionally unfair to her, even in a life that was arbitrary and, in his opinion, stupid.

"....well, an hour before you pass out from the pain." he clarified.

"Then another hour until you go." he added, his grip on his sleeves tightening with every word he said, though his tone was monotone and borderline cold.

He was trying his very best not to show any emotion right now. He was the death angel, and it was his assigned task to collect the souls as they perished, even if he felt they didn't deserve it.

His scythe seemed to glisten a little more in the sunlight, and he leaned back against it a little harder. He didn't want to use it this time. He wanted to just disappear right now, leave, and have her continue her life, with her children, like he felt she deserved.

But no. He couldn't. He had to do as what was ordained so long ago by decisions that were made long before she was even born. He still hated the individuals that were involved in those decisions. Specifically, he hated how the decisions were made, without thoughts to consequences. And one of the consequences, was the lack of a future for this woman, and a lack of a family for her children. He gritted his teeth under the hood, and merely glanced over to the woman, wondering what she would do with what little painful time she had left.

Regardless, it would be cruel, as she would never get to see her children again, other than when she saw them directly after birth. They were now in the infant ward, being tended to. And they would never see each other again. He hated it. Hated it with all his corrupted and fragmented soul.

At least they had been given names... at least they had names to cling to. He tried to be happy about that, but merely felt the anger and guilt and sadness well up in the pit of his stomach, like a churning storm that refused to go away. It made him want to throw up, but he refused to.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:31 pm Reply with quote        
"An... An hour... that's longer than I thought..." She said quietly before forcing herself into a seated position.

"Gregory, please. Come here." She said as she reached a shaky hand out towards him. She was hoping he would clue in, and take her hand. She didn't want to wait, she knew her death was coming, and if the pain she was feeling was any indication... it would just get worse.

She didn't want to miss out on her children's lives, but... there was nothing she could do.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:36 pm Reply with quote        
He watched her sit up, and extend a hand to him.

He seemed frozen in that position for about 5 seconds, before moving slightly. He grabbed his scythe, and slowly made his way to her, stopping about a foot short of her grasp.

"You do realize what you are doing?" he asked her.

"Of course you do... you know your future." he added, as he brought the scythe to her, and held it, tip up, under her hand.

"Touch the blade." he told her.

"And you will be taken away from this plane... your pain and suffering will finally end, child." he continued, though the pain in his voice was more than noticeable by now.

"Technically, by rules, I'm not allowed to let you go until you actually die, and your soul separates from your body... but fuck it." he growled, his anger now apparent.

"The boss has problems with it, she's got no-one to blame but her own damn self."

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:41 pm Reply with quote        
".... Gregory..." She said quietly before tearing the IV that was in her arm out and getting to her feet. It wasn't a smooth movement, the pain that was wracking through her body made it rather difficult, but she didn't care.

She closed the distance between them and just wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him.

"I don't blame you for this, I don't hate you for this..." she said quietly, his robe eating most of it, but it was easy to hear the tears that threatened to fall once more.

"I don't blame your boss, either." She said. "I just ... I've accepted this is where my story ends, and I wish you wouldn't feel the pain you feel for me." She continued, making it rather apparent that she knew him better than he thought she did.

"Gregory..." Her voice was quiet, almost sounding hesitant, but not quite.

"Thank you." She told him. "For always being there, whenever I needed to vent. Thank you." She said before stepping on her toes a bit, since she was a touch shorter than he was, and lightly giving him a kiss on the lips. She figured that would be a good way to go, and it would be a good way to say 'thank you', give him one thing he craved for so long.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:47 pm Reply with quote        
He had not seen this coming. At all.

For the first time, since he'd become the reaper, someone had touched him. And not just that, outright hugged him. She told him that she didn't hate him for this, nor did she blame anyone for this.

"Madison..." he said quietly, before she got up on her toes, and kissed him on the lips.

As she did this, he felt her soul slip away from her body, and the husk collapse to the bed, causing the medical staff to burst into the room, attempting to bring her back.

".................damnit." he said, his voice growly, but soft tears falling from his shadowed eyes.

"God... DAMN IT ALL!!!!" he yelled out, skyward, though no-one would be able to hear him.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:57 pm Reply with quote        
Madison was silent as she appeared in a room that was, rather peaceful. Despite it's stereotypical appearance, that is.

She looked around, curious as to where she was, and sighed slightly.

"... Why am I here...? I'm enough of a bitch that I shouldn't be..." She said quietly, and didn't expect to be answered. Because of that, when she was, she jumped nearly a foot in the air.

"Madison," a soft voice said. When Madison whirled around to see what spoke to her, she was shocked to see a short woman, who looked to be no taller than five foot three, with waist length blonde hair that ended in silver standing there.

"Uhm... who are you? And how the hell do you know my name?" Madison asked.

"Don't worry about that, I mean you no harm. I have something I wish to ask of you." The woman said calmly.

"I... what?"

"Would you like to keep an eye on your twins? And help Gregory? Collecting your soul caused him far more pain than I'm sure even he was expecting, and I think it would do him some good if you were to stick by him."

"...??? what do you mean?" Madison asked, honestly confused as the woman walked forward and gently laid her hand upon Madison's cheek,.

"I mean become his assistant. Help him with what he's been tasked with, and help him heal."

"I... uhh... sure. I' guess..." Madison said, unsure of what to make of all this, but something was telling her to just do it, to go along with what the woman was saying.

"Thank you, Madison." the woman said before the redhead glowed slightly. When the glow died down, she looked as she did before she even got pregnant.

"Whoa..." Madison commented as she looked herself over.

The woman just smiled and sent out a mental call to Gregory.

Gregory, my office. Now. Was all she said, figuring that if it seemed like she was pissed or what-have-you, he would be more likely to show up. Chances are he wanted to chew her out for letting Madison die at any rate.

"Come with me." She said to Madison before walking off, with the redhead following. By the time Gregory would arrive, they would already be in the office, waiting for him.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:03 pm Reply with quote        
They hadn't been waiting for any more than 5 minutes, before Gregory came into the room.

He was honestly surprised that Madison was there with the woman, but chose not to ponder it, as he thought this was nothing more than more punishment for his afterlife.

"You called?" he asked the woman.

"And make it quick, there's an accident that's going to occur on the freeway in about 10 minutes." he added, his tone obviously unimpressed.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:05 pm Reply with quote        
"I know there is." Emelie said with a sigh.

"And I called you here because I was wondering, would you willingly accept Madison as an assitant?" She asked, her tone light, but the seriousness of her question obvious.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:16 pm Reply with quote        
Gregory was still and silent, almost stunned, for a full minute.

"An... assistant?" he asked her.

"After all this time... you decide I need an assistant?" he asked further, before crossing his arms.

"But hey, it's your decision, seeing as you rule over everything I do." he added.

"I wouldn't complain."

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:25 pm Reply with quote        
"... Gregory, you know that I care about what you have to say about the various things that comes up." Emelie said with a small sigh.

"But if you have no complaints or problems with it, then it shall be done."

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:30 pm Reply with quote        
He rolled his eyes at her first statement, about caring what he had to say, in a 'uh-huh, sure' way.

But he then shrugged and shook his head.

"Well, looks like, for some reason, you're cursed to be a reaper now." he said to Madison.

"Dunno what you did that was so awful in life, but... I'm not in charge." he added.

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 PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:35 pm Reply with quote        
"What?" Madison asked before shaking her head.

"No! This isn't anything bad! This is a blessing" She told him.

"I can watch over my girls, I can watch over Vincent... I won't be left wondering what happened to them."
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