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 PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:03 pm Reply with quote        
Private Role-play
{Pupnutie & Emo Panda}

GL = Girl Love, F/F, Chick on Chick etc.
Also foul language.
Dislike? Don't read!

No posting unless your name is either Emo Panda or Pupnutie
Readers/Stalkers are Welcome!


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 PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:23 am Reply with quote        
Zhana woke up with her hair in a mess and half her shirt falling off. She took her morning anger out on Alarm Clock #309756 by smacking it off before going about her mourning routine and then going to the kitchen to devour a few dozen cups of coffee. After the 24th cup, the Russian-American woman went to put on loose jeans and a T-Shirt from the last AnimeExpo she went to before going her studio to finish her many projects.

She had been engrossed in finishing the latest pages in her comic, "Blood Covered Lilly," when the phone rang. She swore up a storm at being interrupted before answering the evil object (seconded only to her Alarm Clocks).

"What?" She growled into the phone. The other turned out to be her publisher/manager/"Boss Guy" who was used to her harsh reactions to being interrupted. He told her about an event she was going to host and asked if the next volume of the latest comic were ready.

"They would be if you would STOP INTERRUPTING ME SAITO!" She shouted the last part with a few swears and a "I'll send you Red Moon's sequel later today" before hanging up and going back to work as though nothing happened. In perfect honesty, Zhana's attitude was one perk that Saito liked about the girl. She got work done, took no crap, could hold her own, was well rounded and appealed to her own likes rather than the fans (who seemed to love anything she gave them anyway so it was all good). He would have gone so far as to say that he had found his soul-mate if it weren't for the fact that he was gay and happily with the love of his life.

Emo Panda

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 PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:33 am Reply with quote        
Lexy was awake, staring out of the window of their tour bus. They had been on the road since yesterday. She hoped they would be there soon so she could finally sleep in a normal bed. The beds on the bus weren't that bad, but she preferred the beds in the hotels where they slept. In front of her lay a piece of paper and a pencil. Sometimes these rides were great opportunities to write songs.

"You're up early." A male voice sounded from behind her. "Couldn't sleep." She replied softly, not even having the glance away from the window to know it was their drummer. When sat next to her, she couldn't hep but snuggle into him.The male gladly wrapped his arms around her. If you didn't know better, you'd think they were a couple, but she and Derrek, that's his name, didn't have any sexual interests in each other. They had been best friends since well, forever. The two of them had been the beginning of Lunar Rising.

"You've been writing again?" The male asked as he glanced down at the piece of paper. "A little, it's not really much." She said taking the piece of paper. "Hmm, but I do think I'm going to get some food before Jay wakes up and eats it all, seeing we're almost there." She stated with a small chuckle. Jason was their bass-guitarist and he wasn't fat or anything, he could just eat like a well, an elephant? The female got up and made her way over to the kitchen, grabbing some cornflakes with milk(in a bowl) before heading back to the table. They were almost there, almost in L.A.
Oh dear, that would mean she would have to go along with her cousin to one of those comic book conventions. She didn't dislike them, there were just always a lot of people and she didn't like to be trampled.

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 PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:12 pm Reply with quote        
Zhana sat up and stretched as she looked over her latest volume for her comic. Aron had just been reunited with James and the two men were having an emotional moment before the military interrupted them. She had ended the volume after a heart-stopping moment where Aron got shot through the chest. She herself was rather proud of the accomplishment. 'Looks like Saito will get two for one today.' She grinned as she got her shoes on to go out.

Before she could walk out, her cell rang with Zero's theme from Megaman X 3. She smiled as she answered. "Sup slut? How's your sugar-daddy treating you?"

"Hey ho. You know he hates that," Katsu laughed as Saito was heard in the background cursing at her in Japanese.

"So? Anyway, what do you have for me? Victory?" She grinned as the other man gave her a raspberry through the phone.

"No. Saito forgot to ask if you remembered about the convention that happens soon? You have a booth and you are assisting in the Masquerade this year."

"I remember. I was on my way to send him BCL's next volume and the sequel to the last book. Tell him that I need dirty movies of you two for inspiration. And that you have to hold the video camera 'cause he fails at it." She was met with more swearing when Katsu relaid her message.

"I'll videotape everything I do tonight. I will send it all to you in the mourning."

"I'll get you your autographs and whatever I can get from Disney in exchange. You two really have to come back over here, it is so much fun to go to the happiest place on earth with a childish pervert and his lover who has a pissed off face the entire time. We will succeed in getting Saito to wear the ears this time."

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees~" The two shared laughter before saying goodbye and making plans. Zhana was in a better mood as she dropped off what she needed delivered at the post office before going down to the convention center to talk over final matters with whoever was in charge that year.

Emo Panda

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 PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:26 am Reply with quote        
"Wow, the princess is up!" Jason teased as he joined the two at the small table. "Of course so is, otherwise you'd have taken all the cornflakes!" The girl grinned as he stuck out his tongue. She really loved being the only girl under 3 guys, they had the best laughs and sometimes the most awkward moments. But they were a close group, that's what made these things so much fun.

"Hmm, Jay, where's Zee?" Lexy asked after she finished her bowl of corn flakes. "We're almost there." She stated, looking down at her pj's. The blondhaired male shrugged. "Probably still sleeping." He said, shaking his head with a small smile as an evil grin appeared on the girl's face. "I'll be back soon.~" She chirped. A few minutes later, a rather girly scream could be heard. "I hate you, Lex!" Was called after the girl as she already skipped back to the kitchen. "Love you too, darling!~" She called back with a pleased smile.

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 PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:05 am Reply with quote        
Zhana walked into the office building and quickly located who was in charge.

"Hello. I'm Zhenya Laurinaitis. I am to be assisting with the Masquerade and I have a booth?" Zhana was in business mode. She was a comic writer now.

"Ah! Yes! Laurinaitis-sensei. All is in order, you will be stationed-" Zhana and the person in charge talked for a while on the details for the upcoming convention. Zhana was to be at her booth at 2:30 - 3:30 PM on the first day, 12 - 4:30 on the second day then assist with the masquerade, and finally be there for a short appearance on the final day. Once she had all the information she needed, Zhana left for home and to bug the crap out of her boss and his boyfriend. The two almost never slept so all would be good.

Emo Panda

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 PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:32 pm Reply with quote        
"Zeke, hurry up and get your butt dressed!" Lexy called after their second guitarist. "Jess wouldn't like all the fans to see you half-naked." She said with a grin. They were there! Finally getting off the bus! "I wouldn't like what?" Jesse, their manager, asked. He was a rather tall man with white hair and green-blue eyes, but, well, also Zeke's boyfriend. "Nothing, nothing.~" The girl chirped, smiling innocently.

A few minutes later, a rather grumpy blond haired male with wet hair wandering into the room, glaring at the girl. "Aww, I'm sorry doll." She grinned, messing a bit with his wet hair.

"You got your bags everyone?" Jesse asked, shaking his head wiht a slight smile at the girl.

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 PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:41 am Reply with quote        
Once home, Zhana called her two favorite guys on their home phone. No one answered so she had to call Katsu's cell.

"Why are you two not home?" She asked when he picked up.

"Hi to you too," Katsu said in a hush tone. "Saito wanted to call and bitch at you later when we got there. Luckily I had my phone on Vibrate and he is at the counter."

"So you two are coming over? I'll get the cameras set up in the spare bedroom then," She smirked.

"Yes. I am glad that preparations will be over and done with. I will call again if I have any more issues. Just take note of 9:30 in the mourning alright?" Katsu spoke professionally before hanging up. This suggested that Saito had came back. She grinned as she ran up to prepare for their arrival. Saito will not be happy about his little joke being ruined.

Emo Panda

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 PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:11 pm Reply with quote        
"Oh come on Zeeee! You know I didn't mean anything by it, put me down!" Lexy demanded as she currently found herself over the male's shoulder while they walked into the hotel. She huffed and pouted as the male didn't put her down until they were in their rooms. One for Derrek and Lexy, one for Jay and one for Jesse (and Zeke).

"Guys, please, you got a room!" Lexy chuckled as Jesse and Zeke were hugging. "And no not this room, this one's ours!" Derrek stated, sticking out his tongue at the two. "Fine.~" Jesse stated, picking up the other male, who squeaked, and carrying him to their room.

"Ooooh! You gotta promise you'll come along to visit my aunt sometime!" Lexy stated, almost bouncing off the floor. "Uh, but what if she doesn't want to see me?"
"Of course she wants to see you!"

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 PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:58 pm Reply with quote        
Zhana fixed up the spare bedroom to fit Saito's liking at a glance, but to Katsu's when you looked closer. Saito was sure to bitch at her later but OH WELL.

Smiling at her accomplishment, the woman walked back to her study to continue writing.

------On the Plane-----

"What are you doing Saito?" Katsu asked as he rested his head on the businessman's shoulder.

"Calling an old friend. No. Not for a threesome, I just wanted to ask if he got my email for the convention," Saito grinned as Katsu pouted.

"You are sooo boring."

"That's not what you said last night," He laughed as Katsu hit him in the chest. He dialed the number but landed up with voicemail. "Hey Jesse, It's Saito. Call me back. On MY cell, not Kit-Kat's. He'll ask awkward questions that your boy won't like." He grinned with Katsu shouting " That Zeke guy's welcome too!" into the phone before hanging up.

Emo Panda

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 PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:29 pm Reply with quote        
The band took their time unpacking and settling in their rooms before they all met up again at dinner. There wasn't much chatting going on because they were all rather tired from the bus ride, well, except for Zeke maybe.. He never got tired.

"Oh, Jess, You got a missed call." Lex announced as she had been messing around with his phone for a little bit.
"So that's where my phone went." Jesse shook his head, holding out his hand for the girl to give it back. "Well, yesss, it was still in the bed and I didn't want to get it wet by waking our sleeping beauty over here." She stated with an innocent smile as she handed the device over.

"Ahah, of course." The man nodded, getting up and going outside to listen to his voicemail. He grinned lightly upon hearing the message, but did call back right away.

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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:13 am Reply with quote        
Zhana had taken a break for lunch and was reading over the info she had picked up about what and who was goin on at the upcoming con. She smiled at some of the names she knew and glared at those she heard of, but didn't like for one reason or another. She flipped the page to where the concert info was, expecting some Japanese superstar/band to be playing or a videogame/anime musician. She was a bit more than surprised at seeing a name unfamiliar to her.

".............'Lunar Rising'? Who the hell are these guys?" She stared at the page, half expecting it to shoot a ton of confetti at her face and a sign popping out saying 'lol got you!1!!' as a bunch of scantly dressed cosplayers as various scantly dressed characters dance weirdly behind her.

.....Holy new releases at a reasonable hour.... her imagination was weird.

Zhana decided to look the band up and see if they were worth her time after lunch and focusing on some of her various comics/mangas/books. Until then, she would just sit and finish her meal of hitsumabushi and apple juice. She really needed to stop eating what Saito and Katsu eat.


Katsu rolled his eyes as Saito checked his phone for the umpteenth time. "Sai, I may love you, but I will chuck your phone out of this window if you look at it one more time. Same goes for your laptop."

Saito sighed before looking at his lover. "I know Kat, but I need to know if Jesse has all the info on his side sorted out. He's helped me out before, and I want to do the same. Plus, we might have Lunar Rising do some of the songs and music in the upcoming Anime of Saffron's original webcomic."

Katsu nodded in understanding. "Yes, I know. But you have to let him call you." Katsu smiled at Saito before giving the sterner man a side hug. Saito returned the gesture by laying his head down on Katsu, giving the smallest of smiles.

Emo Panda

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 PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 1:22 pm Reply with quote        
Jesse decided to mail Saito or call him back tomorrow and he'd just go spend some time with Zeke for now or, well, sleep. Like the others. It had been rather busy before and it sure as hell wasn't going to get any calmer.. So they might as well get enough time to rest.

((Empty brainss. Dx))

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 PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 8:50 pm Reply with quote        
Zhanna worked through lunch and didn't get a chance to look into the concert/Band info until after dinner consisting of the remaining hitsumabushi, Rice, lemonade and vodka (She has very high tolerance). Zhanna got out a blank pad of writing paper and a pen to write down the info she found. After about an hour of searching, Zhanna sighed and closed down the sites she had open. All she had found was concert info, fan-made blogs, typical stuff. They were too new for Wikipedia, and she couldn't find their official site. So her search turned up nothing useful.

Zhanna looked at the page with the concert info one more. The name of the band's manager rang some bells in her mind. She knew she didn't know a 'Jesse,' but she knew Saito talked to a guy who managed bands. She'd ask him if he knew about Lunar Rising when she picked them up tomorrow.

Emo Panda

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 PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:26 pm Reply with quote        
The whole lot had decided to relax for a day or two, since there wasn't actually much to do and then, well, see and practice what they had to do on the convention. They couldn't disappoint those little geeks now, could they. Well, that might not be the right name. But for now they just decided to relax and sleep some.

((Sorry ^^;; I'm kinda stuck.))
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