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 PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:27 pm Reply with quote        
*Blood Warning*

Cassie | Alley In Front Of Grillby's

Blood splattered Grillby's walls, the sidewalk and flecked Cassie and the four girls who were just a few feet from her.
The creature had shot down the remaining men and Cassie watched as they hit the pavement in unision with a thump and devoured within seconds with only goey residue left over as evidence of there ever being men.
Ice crawled up her back as she maniacally stared at the creature as it faced her. Were they next? Cassie shot up like she wasn't paralyzed a moment ago, gripped the girl who was nearest her feeably, and tugged Kirsa in an attempt to flee. Except her grip slipped and she fell back on her butt.
She attempted to scramble back but a dumpster prevented her from evading any further. All she could do at that moment was stare into the creature's face as her heart pounded so heavily in her ears that she almost missed the creature speak its name.
"W-what was that?"


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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:05 pm Reply with quote        
Gun shots.

That was all that had registered before your entire body froze. You wanted to scream, to cry, to do anything, but you were frozen in fear. You were going to die. This was going to be it, oh god.

The yelling for a doctor, or someone with medical training, had finally gotten through to you. For how long they had been calling for, you had no idea, but you found your feet quickly carrying you to the source. You also hadn't noticed when your wings had outstretched, or the sudden pain that had been coming from one of them, either.

"I.. I... I'm a... I have... H-hand me the medical kit I...." you were shaking, oh god you were shaking and crying and there could be dead people and you-

No. You had to focus. "Who.. god, who was shot? I... shit, fucking hell... god this isnt.... FUCK." you rambled to yourself, forcing the negative thoughts and past memories from your head. Someone could die if you didn't get your shit together.

(im super late, wow, but guess who isnt sadly dead!)

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:25 pm Reply with quote        
Kirsa sighed in relief when someone arrived next to them with a first aid kit. They carefully went about untying their blazer while keeping pressure on the wound. "I have no clue who those people are," Kirsa mumbled as they reached over into the kit and carefully snagged a few alcohol wipes for their hands, tying not to think of how much blood was really on them. They looked over to the girl with the medical kit. She looked like she knew what she was doing. Good. Kirsa had no fucking clue what to do past "get bullet out and stop bleeding."

They flinched when the other girl, the one she had given her jacket to, shot up and grabbed their arm. They started to reassure the girl, but their words died when the girl slipped and fell back down. "You're alright, Segoe helped save everyone in the bar, and everyone out here. Deep breaths. Focus on your breathing. You're okay, you're safe." Kirsa reassured the girl and made sure that she looked at least a little calmer before turning back to the other girl with the first aid kit.

"I'll look for her phone, make sure to keep the pressure on," Kirsa said, making sure that the girl had taken over applying pressure before removing her hands. They tore open the alcohol wipes and aggressively scraped it on both of their hands. The sharp smell of the alcohol and sensation on their hands helped to clear their head a bit. Process later. Save life now.

Kirsa fished the half-skeleton girl's phone out of her pocket and, sure enough, there were clear markings from her fingers to unlock the phone. They tapped the phone icon under the contact named "uncle sans" - the picture was of a skeleton with a huge smile on its face. They walked away from the scene a little, not really wanting to be overheard. Their eyes caught someone else passed by them - were those wings? No you idiot, focus. Help first, questions about winged people later.

"hey kiddo, ya havin a good time?" a presumably male voice answered.

"U-um hi. Your... niece? Person? The half-skeleton girl...?" Kirsa started off hesitantly. They were used to telling customers that they couldn't use coupons from other stores, but this was new territory. Regardless, the Manager Pants came back on. "She's been shot in her flesh shoulder. We've stopped the bleeding, but the bullet is still inside. I was told to use her phone to call you, and tell you to contact an A-Alphys? And that you two could help."

"w h a t d i d y o u j u s t s a y ?" 'uncle sans' responded, voice low and angry.

"Please just come quick, she's lot a lot of blood-" Kirsa turned to look at the girl and was met with a short, smiling, but somehow still appearing very pissed off skeleton in a blue hoodie.

"Holy fuck!" they yelped, nearly dropping the other girl's phone.

Where am I?: The alleyway outside of New Grillby's
Who am I with?: The half-skeleton girl, a human girl, another human girl, someone with wings(?), Segoe, and 'uncle sans'
How am I feeling?: JESUS FUCK DID HE TELEPORT?? (yes that's a feeling)


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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:56 pm Reply with quote        


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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:09 pm Reply with quote        
At the exclamation of 'Holy Fuck!' Evie's head whipped around though she did relinquish the medic kit to the be-winged person who seemed to have appeared out of thin air. Even though they stuttered the human managed to piece together that they had at least some form of medical training, or were used to dealing with wounds.

Brown eyes grew wide when they landed on the familiar face of Grillby's favorite customer (who still hadn't paid his tab, mind you). However, the look on the small skeletons face was not one that that redhead has ever seen before, it sent shivers down her spine (and not in a good way).

"Hey, Sans, over here. There was a bit of trouble, more Monster-Hating assholes, but they time they had guns. Your...err...niece, got in the middle of it"

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:12 pm Reply with quote        
Noticing that Tris had been shot, you choked up a little. "Okay, okay... i uh... okay.. it's going to be alright..." You weren't sure if you had said that to more so comfort yourself or everyone else. "I have- I have extensive medical training... so I- I can..."

Kneeling beside her, you had subconsciously shooed away the person holding her shoulder, before you started going through the regular procedure to treat a wound. It was just one bullet, but it looked like it had gotten lodged in her shoulder. Grabbing a pair of tweezers, you held the unconscious girl's shoulder still as you slowly attempted to remove the bullet. Finally getting it out, you quickly applied more pressure to the wound again.

"Uh, is there any... any gauze or... pressure bandages around, or... the wound needs to be wrapped up and... god i havent..." looking around as you relaxed a bit, you suddenly stopped. All the blood had drained from your face when your eyes landed on your left wing. Searing pain had suddenly came with seeing your left wing practically mangled up. You wanted to scream but nothing came out. God, now that the shock from the situation had washed away all you could feel was pain.

Wiping your tears on your arm, you had clenched your teeth and tried to focus on the wounded girl in front of you. How even..? The bone was practically shattered, and you had only just noticed after god knows how long.

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:26 pm Reply with quote        
Hiding in the back, behind the bar Lucida was shaking. There was so much hatred in the air it was suffocating her. Kara coiled inside of her and poked out of her empty socket.
"Lucida its over, we can go outside now"
"Go outside? Why would I go outside now!? The air is thick and its hurts to breathe..." Lucida was ringing her hands together, the joints in her fingers rolling and moving in ways that normal joints could never do.
"Take a deep breath. All the humans that wish ill-will are gone. I cannot sense anymore; It's safe... Besides you haven't eaten today, and this is practically free food"
Kara chuckled retreating back into her eye socket and as she re-adjusted her eye patch, she stood up. Kara had a point, she was hungry and all those bodies outside would just go to waste. Lucida sneaked outside edging around the small crowd of people surrounding the half skele girl. Blood. That's all Lucida could smell and it was making her mouth water with every breath. She made her way cautiously to the alley and towards the mangled bodies, or where they should have been but instead a Goo-monster occupied the space. Kara coiled and hissed, he could have sworn he smelt and felt the presence of at least a dozen bodies... where did they all go? Lucida stared up in wonder at the goo monster, a little frightened sure and she would have walked right up to it and stuck her hand in the goo, if Kara didn't make her body involuntarily turn around to face to small crowd.
"Hey! I thought you said you wouldn't do that again!"
"That...Thing is not important. You need biomass and you need it now other wise your organics will start degrading ... Do I need to remind you what that feels like?" Kara stated curtly, not even wanting a reply " I smell more blood over there maybe I can correct a thing or two"
"... but no one is dead or dying"
That is exactly what I intend to correct Kara thought, He didn't care about what trouble it would cause, the immediate problem was getting Lucida fed and he knew she wouldn't approve of this method, he would have to be sneaky.
Lucida sighed and walked towards the group knowing that Kara was going to do something incredibly awful, so she would bring as much attention to herself so Kara couldn't leave her.
"Heyo everyone~ Is anyone in need of assistance" Lucida smiled warmly

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:11 pm Reply with quote        
Cassie|Alleyway In Front of New Grillby's

Cassie absorbed the woman's reassuring words and did as she instructed. She took steady breaths and her mind began to focus again. She realized what the woman had said. That Segoe had fended off those men that were.. Cassie cringed inwardly.

Now that Cassie's mind was in focus again, she noticed a small crowd formed a tight circle on the sidewalk around the woman she recognized and an another woman that appeared to be treating an injury.

Concerned, Cassie approached the crowd of concerned onlookers from the alley and hovered a good distance so they had room to breathe. Subconsciously, Cassie barred her arms over her chest protectively as she stood near this amount of people and monsters and scooted several feet, she still felt raw from her previous experience.

"Is she okay?" Cassie spoke up, a volume she was sure someone would hear. Or so she thought. She was usually soft spoken and people had trouble hearing her.

Feeling: Vulnerable, sensitive, and concerned.


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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:27 pm Reply with quote        
"s-she should be fine, but there's a chance her..." you paused for a moment, choking in a breath as you ignored the pain and placed on some stuff to soak up any extra blood. "Her shoulder could be permanently- permanently damaged. I- I doubt it will be, due to having magic to- to aid the process, so she- she should be good to go once her shoulder heals..."

Wrapping up Tris' shoulder with some gauze, you shakily stood up. You had winced at the pain surging from your broken wing, which had sort of fallen limp at your side, but had been quick to spot who you'd assume to be her Uncle. Waving him over a little bit, you couldn't help the tears that had been streaming down your face. "You're uh... You're Tris' 'Uncle Sans' right?" You called out to him, wincing a little as you looked back at your wing. You were really going to have a field day trying to patch that up.

After getting a response from the skeleton, you turned back to the girl. Moving her arm to her stomach in a way that wouldn't hurt it, you gently picked her up and walked over to him.

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:51 pm Reply with quote        
Kirsa Xylander || Human

"Well... This is what's happening I guess"


Kirsa followed in the wake of the short skeleton - Sans - back over to where everyone was gathered. The person that had walked past her did have wings, and they seemed to be tending to the skelegirl. She noticed his hands - fingers? bones? shit, skeletons are too confusing - slowly curling into fists. He ignored the girl that called him and, instead focused on the goo monster.

"d i d y o u d o t h i s ?" his voice made Kirsa want to hide.

"T-they saved us. And made sure that your niece wasn't injured more than she is." Kirsa spoke calmly as she walked in between Segoe and Sans. His gaze fixed on her, and she nearly cowered under the harsh, white pinpricks. 'No. Manager Pants damnit! Keep them on! No one else is getting hurt,'

The two stared at each other, Kirsa shaking slightly. After what seemed like forever, the skeleton chuckled and shrugged. "i'm not gonna take your word for it kiddo, but seeing as ya aren't dead is helpin' your case." He turned his attention to his niece, but kept his distance. Kirsa stood, dumbounded. 'That certainly was a quick change of heart...'

Kirsa shook her head. What the heck was her life? She turned when someone else spoke up. Someone new, and another female. "I think that everything's finally under control," Kirsa sighed.

She looked to see the girl that she had given her coat to seemed much better, and heard that she has spoken up as well. "I... Gods I hope so. She couldn't help the exhaustion that leaked into her voice. She'd just wanted a drink. That all that she had wanted.

"w h a t t h e F U C K d i d y o u d o ? !"

Sans' gravely tone captured Kirsa's attention again, in the worst way. She looked up to see that the winged person was carrying the girl - not awake - in her arms, and that tears were streaming down her face. Fuck. The winged woman didn't have a chance to explain before the skelegirl was enveloped in a blue light and lifted out of her arms... and she was slammed to the ground. The skelegirl, in comparison, was set down gently.

"you're gonna tell me what you did. r i g h t n o w." Sans growled.

Kirsa swore and, again, inserted herself between the angry skeleton and his target. She wanted her drink and she wanted everyone here to be alive so she could enjoy it with them. Fuck personal safety. "Please calm down," Kirsa said, more than a little tired sounding.

He fixed his eyes - no eye. He had one, glowing cyan eye. The other socket was blank. Kirsa shuddered, but did her best to maintain eye contact. "Just let her talk before you hurt her."

Sans || Skeleton

"you wanna have a bad time?"



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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:37 am Reply with quote        
Before you had the chance to even jump back in alarm, you found yourself being crushed into the ground by an invisible force.

"you're gonna tell me what you did. r i g h t n o w."

Hearing the voice, you had attempted to get away from it, only whimpers escaping your mouth. you had practically been digging away at the gravel, with how hard you were trying to push away from him.

Pain. Pain was all you could think about right now. It was everywhere. you felt like your one wing was about to be torn straight off, and you were absolutely mortified. Oh god, he was going to kill you, wasn't he? You were going to die here because you couldn't follow a stupid rule of 'don't move the injured body' You were going to die when all you wanted to do was help. God, this was really happening. You tried to explain yourself, but all that came out were strangled sounds of despair and agony.

"tri-ied... he-el-lp... Tri-is..." You choked out, trying to lift yourself up. You would be hacking up your insides right now, if they werent being telekinetically held down, so instead you were just coughing and hacking up air. "she-es... al-live..." your arms had given out, and you had gone from managing to get yourself a millimeter off of the ground to being slammed back into it even harder. You were still sobbing, and you just wanted all this pain to stop. God he was probably just going to kill you right there. "hum-mans... sh-hot herrrr..." The corner of your visions had started to blacken out, before you finally gave up with trying to oppose the strange force.

(get dunked)

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:16 am Reply with quote        
Tris groaned feeling a familiar magic around her as she was laid back on the ground.

"you're gonna tell me what you did. r i g h t n o w."

Tris snapped up hearing her uncles voice hissing in pain as she did. "HOLY FLYING FUCK!!!" She screamed out sitting up looking at the scene around her. and right at her uncle he duel colored blush spreading across her cheeks at cursing in front of him.

"Hey uncle Sans umm let her go she helped me out and she's pretty cool. I dunno what happened to the punks that attacked but she's good people eh." She said looking at her very angry uncle as his eyes changed back to their normal white pinpricks and he raced to hug her.

"tibia honest i will let the language slide this time. you scared the shin out of me kiddo."

Sans said beads of sweat dotting his skull as he pulled her out of the bone crushing hug to look her over.

"I'm fine." She grumbled when he didn't seem to want to let her stand up on her own much less let her go to try and take care of her new friends. It was then that she noticed just how bad Diana was and tore herself away from her uncle to go to her side. "Holy shit dude what the fuck happened." She said kneeling down next to her not sure what to really do about her new friends injuries at all.



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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:32 am Reply with quote        
Still smiling, Lucida looks at the scene unfolding in front of her, and dashes to Diana's side.
"Oh my, are you alright? Shall I help you ?"
Lucida gently helped Diana sit up and hesitantly reaches out to touch the broken wing. How can we fix this Kara?
ugh, Always fix, fix, fix. Kara sighs, It would be idiotic to attack now, especially with that crazy skeleton around, the blast first ask questions later never sat well with Kara, he was cautious, careful and meticulous and most of all he was proud.
make her put it into a comfortable position and wrap it up so it cannot bend, reduce its movement and hopefully it will set.
Lucida smiles gently and gestures at Diana's broken wing.
" Can you move it to a comfortable spot"

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:16 am Reply with quote        
Cassie | Alley In Front New Grillby's >>> Sidewalk Along New Grillby's

Cassie's heart lurched when the samll skeleton man flung Dianna across the cement. Making a move to aide her and intercede the any further attack, her path instead was interceded by the woman who had been previously unconscious and another came to Dianna's aide.

Cassie returned to her previous state and barred her arms. Slowly she approached the three. "Is there anything I can do?" She asked, her volume was low and sounded uncertain.


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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:35 am Reply with quote        
You had attempted to get up, only getting about halfway there before falling back down. However, with your luck, you had managed to land on your broken wing, which had forced an ear spitting scream to arise out of you. Giving up on the idea of getting up, you had just taken to lying there. "S-sorry... i uh..." your voice was hoarse and cracked, and it hurt to talk. "I should be... i should be alright..." Your voice is barely above a whisper when you talk, and you just... you just want to lie down... just for a little... everything's too bright and you're just so tired...

(i finally broke her *dongerface*)
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