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 PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:51 pm Reply with quote        
Well, it's technically not BB cream, so I can't really explain what that is..
But what I use similar to it, when I call it tinted moisturizer though people tend to think it's like tanning lotion that I put on my face. Which it's not xD

It's goal is the same of foundation, to even your skin tone. But it's a lot lighter and is a moisturizer, so it's not supposed to be nearly as heavy and as a result is supposed to be better at not causing any blemishes or irritations if you wear it for a long period of time.

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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:36 pm Reply with quote        
ah, it's sort of like a primer, thats cool.

on that note, i googled "diy primer" and wasnt happy with the results but i found this blog scratch mommy, she posted recipes for liquid and powder foundation for light coverage, and other things. probably very light compared to theater makeup. i thought it was neat. i look forward to trying it out some time.

i made a tanning lotion once, it didnt turn out so well. i didnt want to ruin my blender so i used a wisk which isnt fast enough, left little drops of water which caused it to spoil quickly. it worked well for tanning though, the tanning part of it was just very strongly brewed black tea.

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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:25 pm Reply with quote        
I wear make up daily, and read/watch a lot of tips for it. Girls who identify themselves entirely as makeup girls confuse me, but their skill does amaze me Smile

I only wear, foundation, mascara, blush, and bronzors, just cuz I feel I need to even out my fave colours. I'm white, which means I have splashes of varying shdes of red XD, and purple under the eyes. Its kind of monstrous, and I just love the way my face looks so much more defined, and easier to focus on when its evened out to the same colour. But Ive been told foundation alone makes me look scary and featureless. This is why I include blush and bronzor Smile
I also love the colour of my eyes, so when I wear mascara it brings them out sharply Smile I love that.

I don't wear eyeliner, or eyeshadow, or lipstick though. They seem rather difficult for me. I can't get it to look nice, and even, and natural, so unless its a performance, or other special event, I forgo it. And even then no eyeshadow!

Make up is not always about hiding your looks, or being insecure, like some have stated on here. Some might use it to hide, but some like me, just love the way it looks, and feels, and smells. I love feeling mi cheeks with the foundation on, its like silk. Gorgeous to the hands Happy I don't think particularly think I'm pretty without make up, I'm rather plain.
I admit I do love the attention I get while in make up, but not necessarily from men, like most people assume from make up. I look good with it on, I seem to glow, my eyes are more breath catching, and the way I'm treated is radically different. If you've ever been drawn to someone naturally, without really knowing them, then you know the feeling. People react better to certain things.
I dont think it works as well with overly showy make up, but highlighting features just does something confidence inspiring, and that is beautiful to all those around you Smile

But of course, make up is suited to the individual, if you do like something or don't, act according to that. those who judge others for wearing make up, because they decided themselves that people look better without it, aren't doing much better than those who judge people for not. You want to improve how a feature works, or even just help with an insecurity, or just looooove the idea of having colours on your face, and treating your skin like a canvas, than have fun. People will accept this, and they will love it, not every one, some people just always think their ideals of how society should be set are the only options, but make up has so many different levels, that you can wear it as you please.
And if you like minimal, then I'm happy for you, as so many faces are already gorgeous Smile

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 PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:41 pm Reply with quote        
what do you watch? i see videos on youtube every now and then.

i dont know anything about foundation, bronzers, highlights, and blush Dx that whole thing is on another level for me lol. i wish i did, i'm interested in experimenting and evening out my skin. i dont know where to start.
what color are your eyes? i wanted to bring out the green in my eyes so i got green eye shadow, it didnt turn out great. then i heard a suggestion to try blue or purple mascara. how do you use mascara?

i'm having trouble with eyeshadow too. maybe the brand i got is just cheap and doesnt go on smoothly, or maybe im being too conservative when i apply it and cant blend it well or something. idk what it is, i suck at it currently too :C in order to make it look better, i blend it out more. it's not what i wanted but it works. i dont think itll look even from up close though so i put 3-4 feet between me and the mirror to see how it looks.

i'm using it to be more confident in public. i'm already confident though, but it's nice when people can look at me without them awkwardly looking away. i think im having most fun with playing around with colors. i'm curious to see if full coverage makeup will have more of an affect on my confidence.
i notice the difference in how people treat me too, as well as the attention that i get from men. i mean, they already looked at me before, but now theyre looking more at my face than my body.
i feel like i might turn into one of those girls who doesnt wear it daily but when i do, i might look like a porn star. which doesnt sound bad to me lol!

i have a lot of respect for peoples preferences, like if they tell me they need it then i think that thats what they think and it's cool, they need it. i dont like it when people make morals, say this is bad, that is good. i agree with you, it all comes down to the individual preference, that's what i wanted to learn about when i made this post, not what people think is needed or not needed. so if i have a preference that's different than someone elses for like fashion, and beauty, i would tell them what i like but i'd never make claims to whats right because i'd feel like i might offend someone.

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 PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:33 pm Reply with quote        
I just started looking up basic make up tutorials, until I found gilrs in particular whos personalities/colouring I liked

With foundations it really depends on what you want, it comes in light coverage, medium, and full, and different variations, Im really red so I use medium, but if you already have nice skin to begin with and its just a little uneven, you could use a lighter coverage which most girls are more comfortable with. And if you don't have much acne/imperfectins like that, then I hear bb cream is really good for evening out skin better than foundation, but I don't have much experience with that because of my skin.

You can find lots of guides on which colours to use in contrast to your eyes thankfully other people have mastered colour wheels for us Smile
I use gold and blue because my eyes are brown.

But the overall idea is generally that you want contrasts. browns and gold will look nice with green eyes to do more of a natural toned down look, purples for dramatic looks. Colours that are to similar to green, such as most shades of blue, could look really awkward, but if you'd like to try it out yourself, it could do wonders, its up to your preference Smile

For doing eye shadow, yo can use those brushes that come with the powders, but its one of those things that just rarely work as well as spending a little money. There are special brushes for eye shadow application, e.l.f. is an extremely cheap brand depending where you live, you can get a nice one for under 5$ and it is nicely reviewed, and the brush just helps the blending look so much better instantly.

Also depending on the problem you have with your situation, you could focus on using eye shadow primer, which allows it to last longer, and appear more consistant and bold. But different primers work dramatically different on different skins, so you might have to experiment :/ I know thats a sucky thing to hear.

Additionall with eyeshadow, when I do wear it, it helps to have a white highlighter colour, right below your eyebrow as it fades out, and in the corner of our eyes.

To be honest, I always found eye shadow really difficult, but if colour is what you are into, eyeshadow seems to be one of the easiest things to find tutorials on, and with practice, anyone can do an amazing job Smile

Mascara is just applied by holding it close to your eye, and moving the brush up as you blink, the only scary thing about it is having to bring it near your eyes. If you don't like the way it feels, or it seems to intimidating, or you just want your eye lashes to seem fuller rather than longer, you can also apply eyeliner to your lash line like you would the bottom Smile

Make up in general is quite a bit of work, and not te daily keep that most people initally think of, but the actual research. You'll want to watch lots of tutorials, and pictures, as well as experimenting. Skin is just so radically different from person to person that it just can't ever really be transferred as a go to thing. But if you like the way you feel in it then its worth looking into Smile

Personally, I don't dislike the way I look without it, I just don't prefer it, so I don't put it on in the mornings when I wake up or anything. I just put it on when I had time in classes, or while talking to friends, anytime I had thirty minutes where I could multitask. I found it very beneficial, and it did become a daily thing to wear make up because of that, but seemed like a lot less work, cuz it was just when I had time/felt like it, and it was more for me than anyone else so I didn't mind people seeing my red face 1st period, then mi even skin at lunch.

How much you where, and when you wear it can be entirely up to you, so experiment find out a good preference for you, (which might take a while).

Sorry this is long, I hope it might have helped with what you were looking for? Smile

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 PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:39 pm Reply with quote        
Also, this isn't make up exactly, but rereading some of your posts you've mentioned acne. I don't know if you already have a thing for it, but you like natural remedies, so I thought I might suggest Dead Sea Salt. You can buy it plain and mix it with water (and I additionally mix mine with plain oatmeal), its natural, and it seems to really help, I honestly had a difficult time finding bad reviews on it when i was researching it, so its worth a try. Its also good for adding to your baths if you have any kind of body acne, like I, and a lot of girls get acne between our breasts when on our menstrual cycle, or for some people arms and legs, or even your back. And it something you can just add a cup of to your bath, and soak for 20 minutes and it helps most people a lot Smile

You can also buy it already made as a scrub, but I don't know any particular brands to suggest.

Sorry if you don't particularly want any suggestions for this, but I thought I'd throw it out there Smile

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 PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:02 pm Reply with quote        
my skin used to have a more yellow undertone, but now i'm starting to see more pink.

i thought that contrasting colors would make the green pop out of my eyes more, i know about complimentary and supplementary colors cos i draw, but a few makeup artists suggested to use supplementary colors. i think they only suggested this for the lesser color in the eyes though, so it'll still contrast most of the eyes. this makes me think of those optical illusions where theres a white spot on a black paper, and if you look at the opposite side of where it's at, itll disappear. so if more white spots were added near the first one, the eyes would pick up on it and wouldnt blur it out. my eyes are brown too with little green around, so the theory is that if i add supplementary cool colors, blue, white, sometimes green which is a little inbetween cool and warm, it would make it easier for people to pick up on the little hints of it in my eyes. but yeah, it would contrast my eyes since theyre mostly brown.

i bought a brush at the drug store, probably not the best place to get cosmetic supplies. i thought it would be ok, i cant compare it to anything else cos it's my first one, idk if it sucks. good thing it was only 7 dollars. the woman at the drug store was suggesting i purchase a pack for around 16 dollars, but i was like nah, i just want one. i like to feel good about purchases i make if it's something im going to use for a long time, so im really slow when it comes to buying things... most of the time :P

nah, it's not sucky. such is life, at least mine anyway. i dont really want to spend a lot of money but i do want to experiment.

yeah it is a lot of work :V i sometimes watch vids while i eat, fold clothes or other household things. who do you watch/read? i dont know many people, just a small handful of people on youtube.

im just gonna go ahead and say, i bet youre not monstrous at all without it. i'm just sayin, im just sayin.

yeah, i dont think my boyfriend will enjoy it as much as i do. he might criticize me for buying things and not using it LOL. idk.

yeah it did, ty. light coverage is what im most interested in experimenting first, but i think full coverage might be best now. im sort of inbetween i guess? i might sleep on this for several nights.

that dead sea salt is nifty, i just googled it real quick. i dont have any right now, but i have magnesium chloride, maybe that will work? i'll google that after this lol. anyways, you mix it with oatmeal for a facial?
i am more into natural remedies, i find theyre more effective than the store bought cleansers and acne products i tried in the past, which actually made my face worse after use. white sugar and olive oil scrub, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar is all i currently use on my face. well, mostly. i like honey, lemon, and garlic as well. oh, and i have a medical vitamin d/311nm UVB lamp i bask in, make sure i get ten seconds on each side of my face.

i think suggestions are cool. at least that one, i found it useful. i never heard about the dead sea salt/magnesium for acne. thank you for throwing things. Happy

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