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 PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:40 pm Reply with quote        
I don't have an issue with my achilles tendon (yet) luckily. I do, on the other hand, have extremely weak hips and super tense hamstrings Happy Seriously. My hamstrings are the only joint in my body that isn't loose beyond belief. (FYI, I'm double jointed. Though recently my joints have started cracking sometimes, like my knees. It startled me).

Fickle: I'd actually enjoy the sugar more in terms of taste. I have a natural sweet tooth. But good news is, I have salt if needed. And we only use olive oil. Sooo good to know that one Happy By the way how do you avoid getting the salt into cracks? The corners of my lips seem to be cracked constantly.

I do have flat feet, but my doctor claims it's from my fibromyalgia. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm fat though... >w<Whitewitch>w<I>w<

Oh, and whenever the microwave is counting down because it's cooking something, I like to count down with it if I can. Though I'm usually too fast compared to it. Sometimes I use that and make a random stupid song of random numbers.

...Ah, right. And I sing out loud to myself sometimes when I go to get the mail or take out the garbage and such.

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 PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:58 am Reply with quote        
i don't know if you can, maybe the white sugar is the way to go than because it wont sting cracks Soft Smile the sugar will still get the corners off of the flakes off fine though, which is what you want. still be careful around the cracks though, scratching yourself would suck. some people use a new soft troothbrush instead, i've never tried it myself, cant really comment on that.

speaking of hammies, mine are sore D: hamstring curls are killer. my hip bones used to pop, sort of like it went off track like it hit a bump in the road or something, i think thats the best way to explain it, when i did circles with my legs while laying down on my back. my knees too, they didnt pop but my knee cap sometimes moved to where they werent suppose to be and it was really painful when that happened. my muscles were too weak, they couldnt hold my bones in place is why it happened to me. it might be that way for most everyone, IDK.

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:58 pm Reply with quote        
Huh, never knew this was here. Mkay, here we go:

When I get ice cubes out of the freezer for my drink (Not ice cubes, more like ice wedges or crescents, like this.) it has to be 7 or a multiple of 7. Dunno why. Normally I like stuff in multiples of five, or multiples of 3. So 105 is like, sacred.

I'm always doing the bouncy leg thing. Always.

I grind/click my teeth in rhythms. Not really sure how to describe it other than that. Used to do it with my breathing too, until my mom kept asking if something was wrong. I also tap my fingers to melodies. A bit like playing piano, but not actual fingerings. Or I'll use both hands to do flute fingerings.

I finger-drum a lot. Usually on a hardcover book, but I do it on my computer desk too. I try to do it when nobody else is around, because it usually means singing along. Loudly.

I near-obsessively hoard blankets. Currently, there's about 6 or 7 blankets in my room, and if I'm not paying attention, I'll inadvertently swipe some more from around the house. At one point, I had a collection of about 15 blankets that were mine, not swiped from other rooms. I also hoard pillows. Or pillow-like stuffed animals. I have a Halloween Peep cat pillow that's got those beads in it and it's made out of the squishy fabric, and I've had it for so long...Like this. I love that thing soooooo much. Her name is Marsh. I know I had her in NJ, maybe even Japan. So she's at least 8 years old.

I tend to stack things precariously tall, but it's usually stable enough not to fall unless pushed. Like library books. I'll walk out with a stack of 15-20 books in my arms, stacked high enough I can't really see where I'm going.

When I was little, I was seriously obsessed with cats. Blanket? Had cats on it. Shirts? Cats. Pillows? Cats. Notebooks? Cats. Hat? Cat. You may say you like cats, but that's nothing compared to my 10-year-old self. It was a little bit creepy, now that I think about it...

I pretty much collect hoodies. My dad gave me one of his old ones, I've got one from my band, a zippered one from the college I got accepted to, a random one I loaned to my friend once, a grey button one, a blue/grey striped button one my brother says makes me look like I'm in Ravenclaw, a teal-ish open one, another blue one, one with different blue squares all over it...Most of them are black or varying shades of blue.

I hate coats, though. Despise them. I only bring my winter coat when we're going somewhere to appease my mom, but I won't wear it. In fact, I think it's just sitting in her car right now. I only ever wear a jacket, if that. And rarely do I wear long-sleeves. My standard 'uniform' is a t-shirt, jeans, my plaid canvas sneakers, and a jacket/hoodie. And my watch. And a book. Or two. Or 5, depending on the size.

I like fuzzy socks. They're the only socks I'll wear willingly when I'm in the house. I dislike having stuff on my feet, unless I'm wearing socks and shoes to go outside. I also never match socks, unless they're my fuzzy ones. Those deserve to be together. I've got like, 6 pairs anyway.

I just like fuzzy stuff in general. Most of my blankets, some of my pillowcases, some of my hats, most of my pajamas. Actually, I've got 3 pairs of blue plaid pajama pants I stole from my dad. Eventually, my mom just bought me some grey-squared ones of my own. I still have the pants I stole from my dad, though.

Back to the blankets, I use them as blanket capes. All the time. I'm not necessarily cold, I just feel weird without them. As I can't usually use them outside, that's what the hoodies substitute for.

I don't sleep the right way on my bed. Y'know, with my head at the headboard? No. I sleep with my feet there. Because my ceiling fan is in the middle of my room, and sleeping upside down on my bed puts my face right under the fan.

That's all I can think of, for now. Dude, this thing is longer than I thought.
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