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 PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 1:19 am Reply with quote        
I was wondering:

Do you have a job? Do you love it or hate it? And if you could what would be/is your dream job. What are the best places you've worked at?

I'm currently a college student working at Motel 6. Usually my job is okay but, I've noticed as the summer approaches it is getting more difficult and frustrating. I think I'm going to start looking for another job soon hopefully it won't take me so long this time to find another.

I think the best place I've ever worked at is a call center. It was super easy and I had to manage my own breaks and everything. I miss the freedom.

So people of Midorea how are you feeling about your job tonight?

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 PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 8:57 am Reply with quote        
It is very easy to complain about my job. I used to didn't mind it until the previous manager had a heart attack and had to drop down to regular worker. The new manager knows nothing. I haven't even had my 5 year evaluation yet and my anniversary of being there was on the 14. He has until monday to give me my evaluation before he gets in trouble by the owner about it. And I am expecting to raise hell when he gives me my eval because I know he's going to put my job title as "dishwasher" which means I really did receive a demotion once he took over when my official title is kitchen assistant. But that would totally explain why I am no longer allowed to do anything else other than dishes and birthday club.

There's just so many things he's doing bad for the place...some of it is okay, like buying a meat slicer but he is the only one allowed to use it so we easily run out of things when it gets busy and he is either not there to cut more or he is supposed to be there but decided to leave early.

I actually need to start looking for a new job but I am going to wait till I am done helping in the grocery portion until they find someone to hire (although technically, if I want that job I can get it but I am just done with that place since the eatery I always end up having anxiety attacks....I do occasionally have them in the grocery, but they are no where near the extent as they are in the eatery....and I only have these attacks when working but when working in the eatery, the pain usually lasts the rest of the day even when the attack is over).

And this has been my only job. But I far prefer working in the grocery than to the eatery...also like doing birthday club and birthday club is what I am in charge of. The only person allowed to tell me what to do concerning birthday club is the owner but she basically lets me do my own thing...within reason...anything major I have to talk to her about first.

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 PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 9:35 am Reply with quote        
good luck in your new-job hunt! Smile

i'm at college studying animal management right now (and by college, i mean... not degree level. UK and all.) I was also working a part-time retail job at a "variety retailer". it was a very large store and i actually helped put it all together, it was brand new and i was one of the original team of employees when they opened.

I loved it at first, despite it being minimum wage. I was part of the cashier team, which is what i'm good at. I'm good at talking to customers and i remember things on the till better than some people seemed to, so i could help out other people using the tills when they got stuck, which was nice.

but it got tiring pretty fast, and i quit last month. They started to really take the piss changing peoples hours all the time (i think in america its quite common to have a different rota every week in retail? i dont know, either way, ours SHOULD stay the same indefinitely) - the thing was they would change it without asking first if you could do the shifts they'd changed you to. I got sick of that, as well as some members of staffs attitudes, and the fact they cut so many peoples hours and didn't hire new people when others left, so we ended up severely understaffed all the time and i would spent the majority of the time apologising to customers for having to wait all the time because there was no one to help them with something.

ugh i started rambling XD long story short: loved it, then hated it, so i quit. but now i'm unemployed and my savings are dwindling, so i'll start looking again when college is over for the summer.

dream job? hmm. working on an amazing conservation project perhaps? zoo curator (i think thats the title? basically running a zoo) or training animals for film and tv. Smile i doubt any of those will happen, i'll be lucky to even get a foot in the door! but we'll see... XD



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 PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 2:37 pm Reply with quote        
I work at my university's registrar's office. The job mostly consists of taking and transferring phone calls, helping people who enter the building and don't know where they need to go, and filing lots of paperwork. I also run little errands around the building and across campus for my lazier coworkers.

It's the only permanent job I've ever had, so I have no basis for comparison, but I don't think it's a bad job. I have to deal with people, but most of the time they aren't terribly angry and frustrating to deal with, and the ones that are usually need to talk to cashiers or financial aid or need something else that I can't help with, so I end up transferring them off to someone else. Sometimes the work is boring and tedious, like the teacher evaluations that I scanned all last week, but most of my work can be done right at the front desk, so I get to take a break occasionally to answer the phone or help someone. And most of the people I work with are nice. There are a couple who get on my nerves, but they are tolerable and I like the rest.

I've also worked as a private tutor and a grader for, incidentally, the same course at the same time. My best friend, who has had lots of tutoring experience, was contacted by the head of the math department about a student who needed tutoring and contacted the student recommending me since it was for an introductory combinatorics course, which is a course I loved and is in the field I'm going to graduate school for. I took that job, and a week later, I was contacted by someone else in the math department about grading for the same class, based on my position on a list of people with good grades in intro to combinatorics and high overall GPAs. I don't think they knew I was tutoring a student in the class, haha. >.> But I took that job too, and I was actually able to help my tutee even more because I got to work through all the homework assignments before meeting with her about them, and I graded her homework and tests, so I found and corrected her errors before meeting to go over them. It saved a lot of time I would have had to spend thinking about everything on the spot. I really liked both of those jobs. I'm awkward so I wasn't really the best tutor, but I am really good at grading and proofreading, so I think I'd make a good editor for mathematical papers and journals someday.

My real dream job is to design board games. But like all creative professions, it's hard to make money that way, so it will probably only ever be a hobby. Right now I am pursuing a career as a pure mathematician. Maybe I will solve some unsolved problem and become famous in the world of mathematics. But most likely I'll just stay in school so long that they'll eventually give me a teaching position. xD

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 PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 1:56 am Reply with quote        
I wish I had a job. They're impossible to find around here especially if you can't drive like half an hour or more there to get to it (which I can't-yay leaky head gasket!)

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 PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:56 am Reply with quote        
I do have a job right now. I work at Carlton Cards as the "hired as just an average position but since her Assistant Manager doesn't know or do ANYTHING, she has to run the store and get 0 credit for it."=.= But I'm not bitter, no siree...

Honestly though, I love my job. If I could work with any other person fro the company that I've met it would just perfect. I know everything about the store, I know all my product, and I love helping people find what they need and hearing their stories. Plus, I want to open up my own shop some day, and this is about the closest store to a "commercial version" of my dream shop as I'll get, so it's great practice. My dream job, obviously, is to be the owner/manager of my own store and sell some of the things I make. However, I've always wanted to work in a library - I have a thing for books.
If you can even call it a job, my REAL dream job, or as I think of it, my life's biggest and greatest goal is to become a published author. Writing's my life, after all. <3

Carlton Cards is by far the best place to work out of the three jobs I've had, even with my Assistant Manager. I mean, I left my last job with half of the other employees because we were sick of being told to do things that were against safety policies and being sworn at and insulted every day. =.=

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 PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:56 pm Reply with quote        
I'm disabled so I don't have a job, but every once and a while I do pixel art commissions. On good days I can get 2 hours a day in but usually it's an hour max. Before my illness became disabling I hated working and would just do a job where I could get home and do my creative stuff. I did a lot of temp work because I'd get bored easily. Now that I can't do it I actually really miss working.

My favorite job was working on the Liberated Pixel Cup. It was a creative job, the clients were people I enjoyed talking to, I had the perfect balance of creative freedom and external direction, and there was lots of feedback. I get a lot more done when people pay attention to me.

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 PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:43 pm Reply with quote        
I enjoy my current job most of the time, I work as a chocolatier in a locally owned gourmet chocolate shop. It can be stressful sometimes, definitively around Christmas and Valentine's Day, but I work with my best friend so most of the time we have fun. I've also worked as a cashier at a grocery store and hated it.

My dream job though, and the one I'm currently attending college for, is an elementary school teacher. I want to teach like 2nd or 3rd grade, haven't decided.

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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:28 pm Reply with quote        
I don't have an actual job per say, but I've started to acquire some freelance writing jobs for visual novels- and I plan on cherishing the contract for my definitive first paying job for good. Even if it is 15 pages and mostly lawyer lingo that makes no sense to me...

But I'm rather happy with it. I get to do what I love (writing), and I've gotten some really kind words and great feedback from my employer so far through my samples and such. And the story he has me working on is interesting and full of topics I've never thought of or worked with before! So...I guess right now, while I'm freelance, I'm happy. It's exciting, and my first real step into the working world.

Though...It would've been way more fun if my printer hadn't been a pain for over a week regarding my contract printing xD

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:39 pm Reply with quote        
Jobs are impossible to find around here it seems .-.

But I wish I had one so I could, eventually, move out and everything.

I would like, I think, work with wizards of the coast though Happy

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:32 am Reply with quote        
I just got a job on Friday, and I've already worked 33 hours in 3 days. I work as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and I'm helping a couple people for in- home care. It's pretty taxing so far and I've been working 10 hour days on top of filling in for other employees who bailed because they didn't want to drive in the snow, but my back is strengthening, I'm figuring thins out, and I bought chocolate milk the other day.

I wasn't suppose to start work until next Friday, so all my shifts so far have been emergency call-ins. I only have one par of scrubs. lol


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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:58 am Reply with quote        
Congrats and good luck on the new job, Say. Soft Smile I don't have a job right now, personally; wish I did though. .__. Although I did just get back into school after a somewhat extended absence. Hopefully when I'm done with the Summer semester after this one I can get a job as a Psychiatric Technician while I finish up my degree in Psychology. I feel like it would be a good way for me to get used to working in the field at any rate. Sweat

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:46 pm Reply with quote        
Thank you! .Happy I have gotten very good at snow driving and toting around little old ladies, now.

Good luck with getting a job as a technician. Does that mean you'll get oppertunities to help conduct experiments?

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