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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:21 pm Reply with quote        
Jacabo's anger grew more and more intense as the words kept sputtering out of her mouth. He didn't need to listen to any of this anymore. He needed to run over to Hudson and just tell him everything. He needed to tell him why he was bruised and injured like this. He needed to tell the truth.
He grew even more upset when this girl started talking to him like she knew what was going down, like she knew why he was injured like this.
Who does this person think she was, talking like she knows just about everything about them and their relationship? She knew nothing about this whole entire situation, nothing!
"NO, I don't realize how selfish I am! because everything you're trying to say to me is nothing but fucking blatant assumptions! His teeth began to clench, squeezing his fist trying to hold the rage he wanted to inflict on everyone in this goddamn room.

But the next string of words that came out of her mouth just silenced everything he was going to retaliate at her. He sat there, just listening to her argument. He had put his head down and closed his eyes, only focusing on the words.
"Maybe if you would have asked, then you would have given me a chance to reason with you." He turned over to her with a straight face, and spoke in a more calmer tone than before. "But I'm not surprised, because nobody wants to reason with a reckless teenager like me."
He knew, he knew that Hudson would never forgive him for what he had just done to himself. He knew that Hudson would have returned to the village by now, taking a long nap in his hut; because that's what Hudson always did when he was upset. And he wished he can just up and run over there, just so he can justify himself.

"He's always in my mind." Jacabo spoke under his breath. He slouched against his bedrest and closed his eyes. "Never once he ever left my mind since." He turned up to her again, this time his eyes were filled with dejection. "Making him happy is what I also try to do. But lately, I'd just been letting everything go asunder."
He finally straightened his back and entwined his fingers together. He gave her a more serious expression this time. "Listen, I would never get myself injured like this just so I can battle with someone way more stronger than me. I know where my place was, but he just stepped out of line. So I tried to push him back."

Listening to her apology before, he nodded in agreement. "It's okay, Hudson deserves to be happy."
After he had forgiven her, he didn't say anything else for a while, leaving the room in an awkward silence. Rhys the Apollo kid had the sorriest expression, but still hesitant to get off his stool in the corner.
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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:46 pm Reply with quote        
Congratulations, Ada Jones, you have been awarded the title Supreme Shit Bag of the Year. After hearing what McIntyre had to say, she was speechless, her cheeks flushed slightly in embarrassment. She chewed on her lower lip and opened her mouth to say something but no words came out.

She swung her legs over the side of her bunk and stood up, walking over to one of the cabinets lining the walls of the room. "So, Rhys, will McIntyre spontaneously combust if I give him some Ambrosia or do you think he can handle it?" She asked, quirking an eyebrow and turning to look at the son of Apollo. "W-well... I wouldn't advise it, b-but it depends on the size of the piece, I g-guess?" He blinked and seemed to shrink under her stare. She shrugged and dug through the cabinet until she pulled out a medium sized package of the food of the gods.

"Eat up, Red Man." She said, tossing the package on top of his sheets. Rhys hustled out of his corner to help him. "You're going to have to get all better if you're going to go explain to Hudson why you were fighting." She shrugged her shoulders and combed her fingers through her hair. "Hudson deserves to be happy." She echoed. "And I think he'll be happy with you. Although I should probably just stop talking because all I've proven up to this point is that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about." She grinned guiltily.

"So, this has been sufficiently awkward. See you around, maybe." She said, saluting and then leaving the room.

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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:51 pm Reply with quote        

Jacabo was down to his last breath.
Struggling to get his knees off from the ground, his hands were clamped against the fresh wound on his shoulder. Those sickles cut through skin like a single piece of thin paper, and it clearly showed through the his shirt. He was drenched with blood and sweat, but he still believed he had his ways to go.
The crowd gathered around in a circle of anticipation, some were screaming for his opponent to finish him off and some were screaming at him to make it through. Most were screaming for him to stop before he hurts himself even more.
No, he wasn't going to do that. He wasn't going to let this fly.
"Aww, a gallant little boy, aren't cha?" His opponent approached him; even with a few slash wounds and there, he still had arrogant confidence in his eyes.
After struggling to do so, Jacabo finally picked himself off the ground and gave him a death glare. He grunted, feeling the stings of pain shooting up his nerves, and the anger giving him a full on drive just to chop his opponent's head off. His opponent, however, just gave him a little smirk.
"You're looking quite battered up, batter. In the state of your condition, only an old hairy goat man would want to take you in now."
Jacabo would never let anyone talk shit about his boyfriend, nobody.
But that was how he got into this mess, that was why he was dueling against this bully.
He was an Ares kid, 6"1, and a head filled of heat. The way he spoke in persuasion, and the way he can weave out these little lies is why he was dueling against this bully.
"Oh, but we all know you're the one that enjoys that kind of stuff, especially if it's taking in a big moldy hairy c-" Before he can finish his sentence, Jacabo used all his strength to punch him straight at the jaw.
His opponent shot his eyes open and had his hand on the inflicted area, backing up a bit and twitching in pain.
"Yeah, that'll keep you to shut your damn mouth." Jacabo sneered, knowing that he at least triumphed in doing that.
But even granting his opponent with a broken jaw, he still had some fighting spirit in him. He coughed up a bit of blood and saliva, but he wiped it off, anticipating for the right moment to kick Jacabo's ass.
Jacabo snickered just a bit, but twitching as he was still weak from all his wounds. "Oh, you still wanna go? Why didn't you say so?"
And so he picked up his sword, and immediately charged at him with his sword up front like a lance. His opponent had seen this coming, and ducked down just in time to hit him straight to the guts. Jacabo had fallen straight to the ground once again, groaning from the immediate pain. His opponent had stomped his one leg on his chest just before he had the chance to get up, and immediately began to stomp against his ribs. The crowd had immediately began to shout against it all as Jacabo had screamed for him to stop. The Ares kid dug his feet hard into his chest, and grabbed his left leg. With an instant, he used up his strength and twisted Jacabo's leg in the wrong direction, sending him to shrill at the top of his lungs.
He still remembered it. The Ares boy had the look of a madman strewn across his face, grinning sadistically as he looked at him in pain, and with all that blood and saliva.
It was until then a figure had came up right behind him and jabbed him hard on the temple. His opponent fell to the ground, knocked out cold.
"I sincerely do apologize for interrupting your dueling session; but it appears that with the state of his sanity, he would have had killed you. Just so you know."
Jacabo couldn't really make out the boy with his memory, because he was already on the verge of fainting from shock.
"And out you go as well, hm." He looked over at the crowd, just shaking their heads and questioning what had happened.
"We got two injured barbarians on our feet and you're just standing there gawking! Get a move on and take them to the infirmary!"


Jacabo seemed to have overestimated himself... again. He grunted, taking his finally leaps towards his boyfriend's hut, with a set of crutches to keep him balanced. His leg had healed up overnight, but it didn't mean that it wasn't enough to get him out of a cast. Honestly, with all these bandages wrapped around him, and this big stinking cast on him, he felt even more pathetic.
But he's sure his boyfriend is shit worried about him, no matter how many times he tries to convince himself that he has to be angry at him. Jacabo knew his expression well, looking into his eyes back at the infirmary. The look of worry, and possibly guilt. He'd seen him wear that expression many times. But he needed to convince him that he'll be okay, he'll be alright. He won't die on him, not even if the gods had crushed him with their fists.
He already did walk a mile, dodging satyrs who zoomed passed him chasing dryads. If walking through a village of these people was alright, then he's sure the extra few steps will be alright.
Reaching to his destination of course, his path was blocked by a certain ladder to climb his way up his actual home. Well, he might as well holler for his attention.
"Hey Hudson! You up there?! I might need some help- WHOA." A mess of vines had shot their way beneath his feet, lifting him up from the ground and proceeding to grow and move to the direction of the balcony. Coming from the hut was the soft violin music, enchanting the vines to move in closer. Stepping out of the hut was his boyfriend, playing the flawless tune on his violin with no avail. As he played and played, he'd moved in closer to Jacabo as Jacabo himself had been moving in closer to him as well. They had both stopped when the violin music had stopped, and the vines had stopped at their tracks as well.
Hudson looked at him, far more content then he was yesterday, giving him that gleaming smile. "Hey," he had simply said.
"Hey..." Jacabo gave out a cheeky smile, relieved that he didn't at least drop him straight to the ground mid-way.
And just before he'd open his mouth to say something else, Hudson leaned over to him and stole a kiss from his lips. This was just something he was looking forward to from the hour he woken up this morning.
And just before he can return it back, he was immediately smack across the face by the same man. Now, he really wasn't anticipating for that.
"Are you FREAKING CRAZY?! You looked like you were on the verge of death!" Hudson's expression was immediately changed with one of deep concern.
"Look, there was a reason for all of that-"
"You think a crowd of people wouldn't sped the news about two boys injuring each other?"
"I'm really sorry, I'm-" He felt the vines loosening around him, and his boyfriend wrapped his arms around his waist just so he wouldn't fall down on the ground and land on the planks.
"Look, I can handle myself just fine. I'm sure you handle yourself just as fine. Let's just agree not to get ourselves hurt like that because a jackass won't shut his damn mouth. Capice?"
Jacabo just took a deep breath and sighed out a breath of relief.
"Yeah, yeah. I get you."
"Good. Just stay with me for the entire day. I don't want anymore psychos leaving a dent on my baby boy." He gave him a little kiss on the cheek and smiled generously.
"Oh my god, Hudson." Hudson held onto his hand and led him inside the hut. And then on, no words were ever exchanged of the event.
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