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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:19 pm Reply with quote        
"Man... she's pretty damn quick." the male said to himself, as he continued to run across and jump between rooftops.

He was Ashley Joseph Fyrane, and the #3 hunter in the guild he belonged to. He was specifically chosen for this bounty, mostly because the #1 hunter... and the owner of the guild... was too busy, and the #2 hunter was already out on a bounty hunt.

His target, a woman that appeared to be no older than him, showed great speed and agility in managing to dodge and avoid him. It also helped that she seemed to have wings that allowed her to soar in the sky.

One would think that that would give her the natural advantage, but Ash managed to keep her in his sights, as the light of the full moon made her extremely visible to him, even when she tried to soar over buildings.

She seemed to realize this eventually though, and took to the ground to try and weave through backalleys and the like. He responded by taking to the rooftops, so that he would always have an aerial view of her, and could follow her wherever she went.

"All I need to do... is wait until she either gets tired... or feels that she has sufficiently avoided me." he said to himself, as he continued to follow her.

He wasn't able to see who, exactly, it was, as she kept her head and face shrouded by a cloak with a hood... and it was also coloured darkly, allowing her to blend in with the shadows of the backalleys.

Once again, he thanked his lucky stars that the night was of a full moon, and there were no clouds in the sky whatsoever. It was a perfect night for him to track any sort of prey that relied on hiding themselves when outrunning a predator or hunter didn't work.

"Seems someone up there is smiling on me this night... good thing too, because otherwise I might have had to call this a failure." he added.

The target in question was very elusive, and the only reason they had any intel on her in the first place, was someone had seen a glimpse of her for a fraction of a second a few days ago. That's when the request came in, with the stipulation that the hunt had to be started quickly, as the one he was chasing had no roots, so to speak.

That meant that if they couldn't find her or catch her tonight... she would disappear once more, quite possibly forever. So this was a hunt he knew he couldn't give up. He made his mind to doggedly chase her until he collapsed from exhaustion.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:38 pm Reply with quote        
She managed to stay in the shadows pretty well, but sadly, not well enough to lose her persuer.

"Dammit." She cursed as she dodged into another alley, only to be stopped by a couple of teens.

"Heh, there she is!" One exclaimed.

"Yeah. She's got the wings that we were told she would have." Another added.

"Come on, let's collect on her!" The first said again, a rather malicious tone to their voice as she stopped and whirled around. She backed up from the teens, almost scared.

"... Shit...." She cursed as she looked between them, then at the sky, wishing she could get out there. She didn't have a chance though, before the teens charged for her.

They caught her off guard and she hit the pavement below her, hard. She felt one of her wings break in several spots and resisted the urge to scream... barely.

"You're a tall fuck." One of them said before punching her hard in the jaw. The sheer force of it caused her to see stars, and the suddenness of it caused her hood to be knocked off of her head, exposing her horns, her silvery and almost ethereal red hair, extremely dark skin and golden eyes.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:51 pm Reply with quote        
The teens that were standing farther back looked to be about to charge in, as they all withdrew switchblades and started to run towards her, but were stopped in their tracks when Ash landed on the pavement, separating them from the woman, and knocking the closer one back into them.

"Hey, hey, hey now..." he said to them, waggling a finger.

"What on earth is this world coming to?" he asked as he crossed his arms and shook his head a bit.

"You'd think your mothers would have taught you to have respect for women." he told them, before uncrossing his arms and shrugging.

"I mean, yeah, trailer slut trash is trailer slut trash, but even scummy cumdumpsters teach their crotch-fruits basic manners." he went on, obviously attempting to piss them off.

"But I guess I really shouldn't expect much." he added, before smirking.

"I'd suggest you take off though, before you end up getting hurt."

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:01 pm Reply with quote        
"Tch as if you know. And what manners do you have? You're here barging in on our private things." One snarled as their target got to her feet, a bit dazed or something, and it was obvious.

She shook her head to try and clear it.

"I'm out of here, before you manage to catch me." The woman said before heading off, or at least trying to. She didn't get far though, as a couple of the teens quickly made their way over to her and shoved her back again. She hit the wall a bit on the harsher side as they approached. After a moment they managed to strip her of her cloak, revealing her dragon wings, and some scales on her arms and torso.

"Fuck you, we're taking her and getting the pay for it. Fuck off." One hissed towards the male that jumped in the way.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:11 pm Reply with quote        
Just as the teen hissed his threat/promise, he found himself lifted by the collar by Ash, and thrown hard into a far brick wall.

"You'll be cashing in on nothing, except this country's free universal health care system." Ash said, gritting his teeth.

"And if any of you want to try and test me, you will see just how hot the fires of hades can get." he added as his eyes seemed to flare with black fire, and he balled his hands into fists.

"So come on, children. Let's see if you're stupid, or decide life is worth living."

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:17 pm Reply with quote        
They hesitated a moment before the one in charge motioned to the others to retreat. It was obvious they wouldn't be able to cash in on their target, at least not right then. Maybe later, but they would try again when they weren't at risk of being killed.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:23 pm Reply with quote        
He watched the group flee the scene, before sighing and looking back to the woman.

"Hey.... you alright?" he asked her.

"You need help?" he asked further. He didn't say anything, but just couldn't shake this feeling that he knew her from somewhere before.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:24 pm Reply with quote        
"Why does it matter? Aren't you the hunter that was just after my ass?" She asked as she grabbed her cloak again. She was about to don it again, before noticing that it had managed to get rather cut up and torn in the past little bit, since she'd been trying to outrun the hunter after her.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:30 pm Reply with quote        
"Keyword, 'was'." he said to her.

"You are obviously draconic, and that means an illegal bounty." he continued.

"I know that doesn't mean a lot to others, but we at the Candentis Lux Guild respect the laws and restrictions of the bounty world." he informed her.

"Plus, it's mostly my fault that this happened to you... so I would like the opportunity to take you to our medic to get you healed... and to prove to the leader that you are in fact, not a viable bounty to cash in." he added.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:34 pm Reply with quote        
She just sighed.

"Whatever. Just cash in on me. If you don't, someone else will." She said with a small shake of her head.

"I'll end up back with my sister regardless, I'ms ure." She added under her breath as she stepped over to him.

"Let's go. Just cash in on me. Considering I'm giving you permission, that overrules the illegal bounty ruling, doesn't it?"

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:50 pm Reply with quote        
He sighed and shook his head.

"Sorry, but if you think that's going to work, do it at some other guild." he told her, before they both vanished in a blaze of black fire, appearing outside large gates.

".....seems the magical defense barrier is up." he said, as he noticed they didn't appear in Cass's office.

He then sighed once more, and went to an intercom that was jutting out of the ground. He pushed a button and spoke into the speaker as he held it.

"Hey, Dharla, let me in, huh? It's Ash." he said.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:54 pm Reply with quote        
"No can do. You know the drill." A woman's voice echoed through the speaker.

"You know what you need to recite. The defenses are up because Cassandra is being paranoid again." She added

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:58 pm Reply with quote        
He grumbled audibly, before sighing.

"Hunter Rank: 3." he said.

"Hunter Password Number: Niner-Niner-Seventy-O-Six." he continued.

"Hunter Name: .......Ashley Joseph Fyrane...." he added with another grumble.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:08 pm Reply with quote        
The door opened when he gave everything, and the woman behind him just quirked an eyebrow.

"Huh, so we share a name." She said simply.

"anyway, let's go. I want to get out of here, and just track down my sister so that she stops sending out bounties after my ass."

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:20 pm Reply with quote        
"Eh? Share a name?" he asked her, as the door opened.

"Your name is Ashley too, huh?" he asked further, as he led her inside, and past all the other hunters.

Cat calls and taunts were shouted out, but they were met with dark fireballs being thrown at them... which they barely dodged.

"Hey! You all just shut up and mind your own beeswax!" he yelled to them, before looking to Ashley.

"Sorry about them." he apologized, all the while dealing with his nagging feeling of recognition.
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