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Joined:  26 Jan 2011
Total posts:  304
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All about Crispy Bacon
Hi there. You can call me Crispy or Bacon or anything you want I don't mind. Don't let my caps scare you, I'm just screaming at you with love. If you can't handle all that love, however, feel free to try and teach me the art of the lower case letter.

I'm now going to use this to keep track of art and there's NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME. :U

Cat /o/
Crispy Bacon's Character
Image Description Level
Forge Forge Skill 12
Enchantment Enchantment Skill 1

Vital Stats
  Health Points:: 270/270
  Mana Points:: 74/74
  Weight: 1,058/2,440
  Experience:: 14,869/19,672
Armour Class Armour Class 108
Strength Strength 49
Intelligence Intelligence 13
Wisdom Wisdom 16
Constitution Constitution 21
Battle Statistics
Victories 1727
Defeats 23
Flees 18

Crispy Bacon
Level: 25
   Class: Warrior
   Race: Tribe of B'asat Iqui
Tribe of B'asat Iqui
   Element: Metal
   Alignment: Holy

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